12 Holiday Gifts We Secretly Want to Get

Whether silly stocking stuffers or sassy stoves, these are the things we’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and dreamin’ of finding beneath that evergreen taking up half our family room, wrapped with a big red bow and the words “For you” scribbled all over the package. May you find inspiration for all your holiday shopping here—and perhaps even a little something for yourself, too.

  • We love stainless steel, too. But we still covet this toaster in chili pink ($319).
  • Bye bye, roasting rack. The uber-bendy roasting laurel ($23.72) fits into any and every pan.
  • Something old, something new, maybe even a retro stove ($4,590) in Beach Blue?
  • Outta the mouths of babes spews this array of witty and oft wise quips ($13) about food et al.
  • For the Trekkie in your life, a piece of mythos that's as collectable as it is practical ($29.95).
  • No more frantically Googling your kitchen oops or calling Mom. Not with this trusty app ($2.99).
  • Lopsided layer cakes, be gone! This nifty cake-slicing contraption evens the cutting plane ($59.99).
  • Those of us not privy to Left Coast bakeries swoon to this tangy boule ($7.50 plus shipping).
  • Buttering just got less boring with Tauma Design’s ingenious standing knife ($28). Less messy, too.
  • These itty bitty magnets are swell for sticking holiday cards (and takeout menus) to the fridge ($8).
  • We're spoiled silly by this must-have mixer ($349.99) that now comes in 20-plus sassy shades.
  • No more losing your perfect mise en place to the floor, not with this nifty cutting board ($16).
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