Think Pink

Chances are you know us pretty well by now. Which means you know that David and I don’t gush without reason. And you know that no matter how witty or wacky we may be, we especially don’t gush about a middle-aged guy running around naked save for a pink tutu.

Except lately. We’ve been giving quite a lot of thought this past month to our buddy Bob Carey, the renowned photographer and aforementioned pink tutu attired guy. He initiated this quirk, in which he dons a tutu and takes photos of himself, a decade ago as a whimsical response to a local ballet company’s request for photos. A short while later it took on far greater poignancy when his wife, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, Bob has taken dozens more selfies as a means of dealing. (Don’t judge. We each grieve in our own way. Besides, a few yards of tulle is far cheaper than a shrink.)

What started as one man’s coping strategy has evolved into a worldwide lovefest. Officially known as The Tutu Project, the iconic photos of a pink tutu-clad Bob drum up awareness as well as funds for those afflicted with breast cancer. It does so most concretely via donations that help defray cancer-related costs—including home care, childcare, medical supplies, and transportation to treatment—through the 501(c)3 non-profit organization The Carey Foundation. But it does so most evocatively through the charity’s stated mission of bringing “laughter and understanding to a community that has endured far too much.” And this is achieved via Bob’s ever-expanding collection of curious photos. Ponderous photos. Humorous photos. Photos you’d want to hang in, say, your front hallway. (That’s exactly where David’s signed print that you see at the top of this page resides.)

Each time we peruse Bob’s latest work, we find it a little harder not to fall more in love with him, whether he’s navigating Times Square, contemplating Lake Michigan, tiptoeing through rural Italy, swinging from a tree branch, or clutching Willie Nelson’s guitar onstage. (For those of you who are as taken with Bob’s work and his signature tulle as we are, the photos are available as individual prints and in a collectors’ edition book, aptly titled Ballerina.) Everyone, it seems, is inspired by Bob—those who follow his blog, those who’ve dressed themselves and their dogs in pink tutus for charity walks, even those in corporate offices for Deutsche Telekom, the National Football League, Bloomingdale’s, and The Big Apple Circus, each of whom has partnered with The Tutu Project in recent months to raise awareness as well as donations.


What does this have to do with Leite’s and our eats? We decided to pink things up during the month of October by donating all proceeds from our famous Pink Sno Ball recipe to The Tutu Project. (Surely you can see the cake’s resemblance to a froufrou tutu, yes?) Each time you click on the recipe, you up the ante. At the end of the month, Leite’s Culinaria will tally the income generated by clicks on the recipe and donate a matching amount to The Tutu Project. We’ll be donating it on your behalf—as well as on behalf of those you’re thinking of this month. If you like, you can list in a comment below the names of anyone whom you’d like us to honor with our donation. Just remember, every single page view makes a difference. So click, share, tweet, like, pin, and do whatever else you can to generate some attention for this recipe and, by extension, some good for someone you love.