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Arthur Schwartz

Arthur Schwartz is founder of the Food Maven website and former restaurant critic for New York Daily News. He was also a radio personality on WOR Radio and host of Good Day New York. Schwartz also teaches cooking classes in the NYC area and has written several award-winning cookbooks, including Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited and The Southern Italian Table: Authentic Tasted for Traditional Kitchens. 

Challah Recipe


As buttery and airy as brioche but with a far weightier responsibility than its breakfast chum, challah ensures a sweet new year in Jewish tradition. We’ll break bread to that.

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Cottage Cheese Chremslach Recipe

Cottage Cheese Chremslach

These versatile matzo meal pancakes known as chremslach, use cottage cheese in the batter. Try them for a midweek Passover breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Pareve Apple Cake Recipe

Passover Pareve Apple Cake

This apple cake, perfect for Passover, is made with Golden Delicious apples, matzo meal, and raisins. A gently sweet and satisfying end to a Pesach meal.

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