The Essential New York Times Cookbook

Purple Plum Torte

Say hello to the most requested recipe of the New York Times. This plum torte by Marian Burros appeared in the food section a total of twelve times. Translation: a real winner.

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The Essential New York Times Cookbook

David Eyre’s Pancake

Also called a Dutch baby, this pancake makes for a dramatic-looking breakfast and dessert. Baked in the oven, the pancake poufs up—toasty and high. Ahhh!

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Portuguese Orange Olive-Oil Cake Recipe

Orange-Olive Oil Cake

This boldly flavored classic Portuguese cake with an unforgettable crumb smacks of citrus in a way that no other cake can. The secret? A fruity olive oil, winter oranges, and this recipe.

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Chinese-Five-Spice Chocolate Chiffon Cake Recipe

Chinese Five-Spice Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Chinese five-spice powder adds sass to this chocolate chiffon cake. Oh, and the lappable drizzle of chocolate certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Drunken Apple Cake Recipe

Drunken Apple Cake | Kuchen Borracho

A boozy keeper of a cake, this recipe takes its title from a shot of rum, its compelling taste from ample butter, eggs, and cream, and its inimitable texture from layer after layer of apples.

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Saint Phanourios’s Cake Recipe

Saint Phanourios’s Cake

Bake this cake in honor of Phanourious, the patron saint of lost objects, and you just might find something you never knew was missing.

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Red Eye Devil's Food Cake Recipe

Red Eye Devil’s Food Cake

This caffeinated incarnation of a classic chocolate cake comprises cocoa-y layers and fudgy ganache that take their jolt from a cup of joe.

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Pound of Chocolate Cake Recipe

Pound of Chocolate Cake

True to its name, this dense, brownie-like cake takes its allure from a full pound of chocolate. A hint of cocoa lends even more chocolatey complexity.

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Banana Rum Cheesecake Recipe

Banana Rum Cheesecake with Maple Rum Sauce

If you weren’t the one making this “cheesecake,” you’d probably never guess it’s dairy-free and vegan.

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Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

The Best Strawberry Shortcakes

Nothing heralds warm, muggy weather like strawberries. Here, the sweet berries are layered with whipped cream and piled high on cloud-like biscuits.

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Genoise Rose Recipe

Tax Day Drunken Cake

Most of us may need a stiff drink on April 15th, but this cake is loaded with plenty of butter and booze. Consider it a classy alternative to a bottle of vodka.

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Brooklyn Blackout Cake Recipe

The New Brooklyn Blackout Cake

This riff on the much-ballyhooed blackout cake from Ebinger’s in Brooklyn, NY, has the same pudding-like filling, the same tender chocolate cake, and the same rich, rich, rich frosting.

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