About Greg and Lucy Malouf

Greg and Lucy Malouf

Greg Malouf is the head chef of London’s Michelin-starred Petersham Nurseries and is widely acclaimed for his modern Middle Eastern cooking. Lucy Malouf is a Melbourne-born food writer and editor. They've authored half a dozen cookbooks together, including their most recent title, Saraban: A Chef's Journey Through Persia.

Turkish Coffee Creams

Similar to coffee custards or pots de creme, these little cups filled with cardamom-scented Turkish coffee pudding are an elegant ending to a Turkish meal.

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Zucchini Fritters with Dill

Traditional in Turkey, these zucchini fritters, made with feta and dill, put to use use the late-summer abundance of zucchini.

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Stuffed Mussels

Mussels are a typical Istanbul street food. For this Turkish delight, plump orange mussels are stuffed with herbed rice, pine nuts, and currants then steamed.

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