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Green Bean, Tomato, and Potato Salad Recipe

Green Bean, Tomato, and Potato Salad with Almond and Basil Pesto

Pasta may be the most classic use for pesto, although it’s definitely not the only application. Here we swap spuds for pasta for a swell summer salad.

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Apples and Gruyere Cheese Crepes Recipe

Buckwheat Crepes with Sauteed Apples and Gruyère Cheese

These crepes, straight from Brittany, are made with richly flavored buckwheat flour and filled to bursting with Golden Delicious apples, onions, and ham.

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Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese

An elegant yet easy chicken dish that seems much fancier and fussier than it actually is, fortunately for both you and your guests.

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Dried Figs and Apricots in Vanilla Wine Syrup Recipe

Dried Figs and Apricots in Vanilla Wine Syrup

Dried figs and apricots come together in a vanilla-bean-and-cinnamon white wine syrup.To dress it up, serve it with whipped cream and toasted almonds on top.

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Cream Cheese Spread with Smoked Salmon

A simple recipe for a delicious cream cheese spread filled with dried figs, smoked salmon, and walnuts. It’s spooned into endive boats for a killer nibble.

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