About Sarabeth Levine

Sarabeth Levine

Sarabeth Levine is an award-winning jam maker, pastry chef, and restaurateur. In 1981, Sarabeth began making orange-apricot marmalade in her home kitchen from a 200-year-old family recipe and selling it to local food shops. She now owns a jam factory, a bakery, and nine restaurants, and earned the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 1996. Sarabeth's Bakery is her first cookbook.


Flaky Croissants

You’ll be glad you didn’t just run to the corner bakery when there’s an obscenely buttery, flaky, made-from-scratch croissant before you. Trust us.

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Sure, you could traipse to a bakery and buy brioche rather than make them yourself. But where’s the satisfaction in that?

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Linzer Heart Cookies Recipe

Linzer Heart Cookies

A batch of hazelnut-inflected, raspberry-jamwiched linzers is nothing if not a testament to your heart most definitely being in the right place.

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Espresso Cake

Margaret’s Espresso Cake

Rich, robustly flavored, and rousing in the way only espresso can be, this is the ne plus ultra of coffee cakes.

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