How to Avoid Holiday Angst

Festive Candles

The Worrier’s Guide to Life | Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

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And by sometimes, we mean those countless tension-riddled times between now and the end of the year that don’t exactly go according to expectations. And boy, are there lots of times like that. Like when your gravy refuses to glisten even though it tastes groovy. When your in-laws  insist on canned cranberry sauce. When you realize you’re long on Thanksgiving desserts and long on Thanksgiving desserts. When you see your saucy and sloshed spinster great-aunt is seated next to your husband’s recently divorced brother. When you come down with a cough days before the big cookie swap. When the rest of the country is mumbling over a stupid paper coffee cup that just doesn’t matter. When…well, we’re pretty certain you can fill in the blank. And if you’d care to let us know your particular predicament, by all means, please do so in a comment below.

Seasonal Drinks

Illustrator Gemma Correll facilitates the radical notion of casting aside holiday angst and letting go of paralyzing perfectionism with her whimsically sarcastic (or sarcastically whimsical) illustrations in The Worrier’s Guide to Life. Through cartoons that are alternating charming and chiding, Correll pokes fun at a lot of our crazy-making ways, including our collective seasonal affective disorder that takes shape as an unrelenting insistence on reality reflecting our Pinterest boards.

And if you need a little mindfulness meditation to help you let go of your Type-A ways, Correll’s book can help with that, too. Just print out her turkey drawings and grab some crayons. You know what they say about coloring being the new meditating.

How to Draw a Turkey


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