Best Food Gifts 2015

Bowl of yellow lemon curd, whisk, stick of butter, egg shells, halved lemons

The trick with holiday gifts of any sort, including homemade food gifts, is that they shouldn’t necessarily just be what the giver wants to gift. The best food gifts, the ones that stand out in memory in the most spectacularly awesome of ways for those who receive them, are carefully considered in terms of what the gifted desires. Think about that for a moment. Sure, you could just cross someone off your list by making them any old thing. But why would you? If more people adhered to this simple golden rule that considers the spirit behind the action rather than just the act of getting it done, there would be a lot fewer feigned smiles and wan “thank yous” being muttered over fruitcake and a lot more wildly enthusiastic shouts of glee over everything from homemade hot sauce to fragrant citrus mixers for booze. In an effort to enhance the gift experience for recipients everywhere, we’ve compiled all our best food gifts—the ones we want to both give and receive. Here’s how to make someone happy.—Renee Schettler Rossi

For hard-to-please foodies (whom you desperately want to impress)

Homemade Vanilla Extract

For those who go gluten free (may they still rejoice)

Candied Pecans Recipe

For boozers (may they remain in good spirits)

Limoncello Recipe

For kind folks of all sorts (neighbors, teachers, babysitters, you get the idea)

Maple Pecan Fudge

For kids of all ages (and let’s not forget kids at heart)Cheesy Fish Crackers Recipe

And, last but not least, The Best Christmas Gift in a Jar Ever by Buzzfeed



  1. Thank all of you for these great lists! Merry Christmas and also Happy Holidays to all the staff! I appreciate all your hard work, humor, and recipes and articles this year!

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