Taco Salutations

Taco SalutationsThe Taco Cleanse | The Experiment, 2015

How’re those New Year’s resolutions going?

That’s what we thought.

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Perhaps rigidity and regimented thinking and all manner of other resolute approaches aren’t the most conducive instigators of long-term change.

Perhaps what’s missing from our attempts at change isn’t abstinence or repentance. Perhaps what’s missing is the simple feeling of being gratified as well as satisfied.

You know, those sigh-inducing moments that make our souls do backflips from giddiness? The sort of thing that those with hippie tendencies may deem “expanded consciousness”? What if we could harness that sort of thinking? What if we could employ it in our quest for change?

Because let’s face it, change is usually just a metaphor for moderation as opposed to too much or too little of something.

And what usually lies behind the ability to pull off moderation is some measure of satisfaction. But you’ve got to be able to permit yourself to experience whatever makes your soul dance before you can attain that satisfaction.

Take these taco salutations, excerpted from the book The Taco Cleanse. It’s a whimsical mashup of gratitude and mindfulness and being in the moment that’s brilliant as well as an excuse to tuck into some homemade tacos.

(And may we just say, in terms of resolutions and that guilty abstemious thing we were taught, it’s precisely why we’ve ditched resolutions in favor of intentions. Less guilting, more taco-ing.) —Renee Schettler

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