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The New Portuguese Table by David Leite

UPDATE: We are no longer offering autographed copies directly. You can contact The Hickory Stick Bookshop, and they will arrange for an autographed copy to be sent to you. Muito obrigado!



  1. Hi David!

    I am thrilled to find a cookbook wrttien by someone that came from Santa Maria!!! I was born in Vila do Porto, and came to the US as a toddler. I was fortunate to have a large family and I learned to cook all our lovely foods. However, I have long lost touch with many of the family and many have passed….

    I Have no one to cook for anymore. I do however have adult children who are now asking for the recipes! I also have a former sister in law of Portuguese decent, who is anxious for a cookbook for her collection.

    Could I have been more fortunate in my search?!

    I’ll tell you I have been very picky.
    Thank you for writitng this book. I can’t wait to get started again XoXoXo

    1. Micalea, thank you for your kind message! But I’m an American-born son of a family that emigrated from São Miguel, not Santa Maria. I see that you have also ordered two copies of my book (which I’m thrilled about)! But before I send them, I want to make sure you still want them, knowing that neither my family nor I are from Santa Maria. If not, I can send you a refund.

  2. Olá David!

    My name is Joana, I’m portuguese, born in Lisboa, and I’m a professional cooker.
    First of all I want to say that probably my english is not very good, so I apologize in advance.

    I came across your website through an article titled “A world of influence – The flavors and ingredients of Portugal lend their accent around the globe”, published in may 16th, 2012, Chicago Tribune.

    Currently I’m working in Barcelona,with some of the very worlwilde recognize chefs.Incredible food, incredible gastronomic brainstorming everywhere, everyday… but I feel that somehow, sometimes we are loosing some authenticity and honesty in this contemporaneous food movement or food culture, as you prefer to describe it.

    So, following this need of searching the authenticity in food, I realized that I need to search the roots. And as an apasionate for the Portuguese food, I decided to investigate about the portuguese food influence spread worlwide, since the beginning of the 15th century. This includes, obligatory, the ex-colonies that Portugal had in the world. One of my first goals is Brasil. I was doing the search and I found acidentally, and fortunately, the article mentioned above…and then I found you! and I became stooked with what I found!!It’s incredible seeing how portuguese descendents in U.S. still feeling this love for the Portugal through our food. And I realized that some investigating work can be done also there. Probably, some of this portuguese descendents have direct acess to old and not very known recipes from Portugal, which can be very amazing. Some years ago I went to Brasil and I (once again!) acidentally found a portuguese pastery managed by a portuguese descendent woman. We start talking about the cakes and the idea of opening a portuguese pastery and I notice that the pastery that she produce was taken from an old book that belong to her grand grand grandmother. She was making cakes from recipes with more than 120 years! And she was doing exactly as it was written in that recipe book, all the metodology. I can tell that you cannnot find that quality of cakes in portugal anymore, and they were extremely good!! It was like travelling back time, and discovering an old Portugal but in Brasil! Tasting cakes that came with the first portuguese woman that arrive in brasil around 1500’s, 1600’s. Food is culture. And most important, is heritage, memory and love.

    I was very happy when I saw your website because I see that again, this heritage that stills alive.Seeing also your work, your book, is very emotional, especially for me, a portuguese cooker.

    It’s already too large this message. Just to share with you, David, this feelings.
    If you planned to visit Portugal I can give you good ideas where to go, beautiful “secret” villages in front of the sea, where the old people stills cooking the traditional food.

    I pretend to go to Atlanta (my firt time in US!)at the end of this year. Just a short turistic visit. But I hope I can buy your book, because it’s not available overseas, is that right?

    Thank you very much for your work!It’s inspiring!

    Joana Duarte

    1. Hello, Joana. Thank you for you lovely message. I understood it perfectly. Yes, indeed, the heritage of Portuguese cuisine is quickly disappearing. But I think you’re right: Many of the people who emigrated to other countries kept long-loved recipes. And since there were no modern influences on their Portuguese recipes, they remain rather pure.

      My book is no longer available in Lisbon. It used to be sold at FNAC. You should be able to find it in Atlanta when you visit.

      Olá, Joana. Obrigado por você linda mensagem. Eu entendi perfeitamente. Sim, de fato, a herança da comida portuguêsa está desaparecendo rapidamente. Mas eu acho que você está certo: Muitas das pessoas que emigraram para outros países têm mantido amados receitas. E uma vez que não houve influências modernas em suas receitas Português, eles permanecem puros.

      Meu livro não está mais disponível em Lisboa. É usado para ser vendido na FNAC. Você deve ser capaz de encontrá-lo em Atlanta quando você visita.

  3. David, your mother and I went to school together from at least 3rd grade, so we go back a long way! Your dad did some custom work in our Somerset kitchen, and you tagged along a couple of times. We’ve lived in Florida (Orlando area) for the past 18 years but still cook many Portuguese dishes and try to get to F R at least once a year. Sagres is still our favorite but we try them all. I think I need one of your books if still avaiable. I’m making a variation of Alentejana for our big annual party using chicken and leaving out the clams!


    1. Dear Howard & Barbara: How wonderful to hear from you guys through David’s website. Indeed, we go back many wonderful years–“GOLDen Times!” God bless you both and thanks for stirring up great memories. M & E

    2. Dear Mr. Gold, it’s so good to hear from you! I remember it well. I used to tag along with my dad when he did many a carpentry job.

      Barnes & Nobles carries the book as does Amazon. I think you’ll find lots of familiar dishes and a bunch that are new to you–but still keep that same Portuguese flavor profile.

  4. Boa Noite David,

    My sister Barbara purchased your book for our mother. I am going to Portugal next Friday so my mother thought I should read your book. Last night I did and loved it! The book is extremely well written and beautifully photographed. I knew immediately I needed my own copy to bring with me to Portugal.

    Your stories of cooking beside your Vovo struck a cord with me. My mother and I are very close. She is an excellent Portuguese cook who of course learned from her mother who was born in Ponta Delgada. About 10 years ago, I decided that I had to somehow document the recipes she only knew by memory. It was challenge to say the least. I stood beside her week after week trying to guestimate the measurements. Through trial and error, I was able to write down many recipes. Like you, over the years, I modernized her recipes without sacrificing the essence of her historical knowledge and cooking processes.

    Thank you for this wonderful book. It is so much more than a cookbook – part autobiography, Portuguese history, tour guide, and wine guide. It will guide my visit from Sao Miguel all the way to the Algarve.

    Jan Vincent

    1. I completely agree with Jan. I bought several books for family and American friends, and all have praised the recipes and the way our country and our traditions are presented. Superb job, David.

      Wishing you a Fabulous, New Year.


      1. Leonor, I am so touched, thank you. I worked hard to make sure the traditions of the past were preserved but at the same time show the growing creativity among cooks and chefs today. It means the world to me that you and your family enjoy the book!

  5. Hi David,

    I’m interested in buying the book, however, I’m from Australia and we use metric measurements. Are the measurements in the book metric or imperial?


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