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Well, it’s that time again to celebrate that most romantic of holidays, VD. And if your Valentine’s Day is anything like ours (“ours” meaning mine and The One Who Brings Me Love, Joy, and Happiness), it usually involves smooching, exchanging of cards and gifts, an argument (or three), and dinner of some sort.

But we rarely go to restaurants these days. The sight of cooing and billing couples is the ultimate anti-aphrodisiac. (That’s why God created bedrooms, people!) On top of that, unless we remortgage the apartment to pay for dinner at a chichi, Michelin-starred, lock-jawed restro where I actually have to wear a jacket AND a tie, we end up someplace having a meal we could’ve made (better) ourselves. And that usually ignites a huge argument. So, to avoid ending up on someone’s YouTube feed having a fabulous gay catfight, and considering that we like cooking and spending time alone, we now opt to cook at home.

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, so we’ll be rushing up to our house in Roxbury, Connecticut, from our apartment in Manhattan to cook together. The menu is simple but the appetizer–Country Pâté from the upcoming Pâte, Confit, and Rillette by Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman–does require a bit of planning. So we’re making it this weekend and letting it rest for several days before digging in. (Since we don’t have the recipe on the site–yet–below is an admirable substitute.)

For those of you who might not fancy our menu’s main course of a rack of lamb, we also include below a few other options, including a sassy, indulgent, vegetarian truffled mac and cheese. Yes, truffled.

Now, while you can end your night with any of a gazillion desserts, we implore you to join us in baking our Forever and Completely Chocolate Cake. (Ok, fine. It’s the classic Hershey’s chocolate cake from the back of the tin. But I added espresso powder to the batter and fiddled with the frosting to make it extra silken and rich.) Because this Valentine’s night, while The One and I are sitting at our table splurging on big fat slices of our chocolate cake, we’ll be thinking of all the couples, thruples, single ladies, human-pet duos, and those who think VD is a ridiculous, commercial holiday meant to make Hallmark rich. And we’ll be hoping that they, too, are sporting chocolate-smeared smiles. Won’t you join us?


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