Vegan Mango Ice Cream

This vegan mango ice cream, made with frozen bananas, mango, and plant-based milk is easy, healthy, made from just three ingredients, and tastes indulgent enough for dessert yet is virtuous enough for breakfast. No ice cream maker required. Simply toss in a high-powered blender and you, too, can experience the best homemade vegan frozen dessert we’ve encountered.

Three bowls of vegan mango ice cream topped with mango slices.

Vegan Mango Ice Cream

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  • Serves 4
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Remove the fruit from the freezer and let it thaw for 5 minutes.

Place the partially thawed fruit, bananas, milk, and peppercorns and sweetener, if desired, in a high-speed blender or food processor. (Don’t attempt to use your everyday blender. You’ll burn out the motor.)

Blend the mixture, scraping the sides occasionally, until smooth, about 1 minute.

Scoop out and serve immediately if you like a soft serve consistency or stash in the freezer for a couple hours to let it harden a little. Sigh and enjoy.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

This was delightfully good for being something so guilt-free and so quick and easy to make! What a fabulous recipe to have up your sleeve when you need to produce a quick, delicious, and yes, even healthy dessert. I do think it can pass for real ice cream (or at least pass for frozen yogurt).

I used 5 frozen bananas and 2 cups frozen sweet cherries. I used a couple of handfuls of fresh chopped basil.

Confession: I “un-veganized” this recipe by using regular fat free milk instead of a plant based milk. I used a drizzle of pomegranate molasses.

This would have come together in 5 minutes if I had not made the mistake of first trying to use my apparently NOT so high-powered blender which was no match for the very frozen bananas. My food processor worked much better.

I actually have a Yonanas Machine gathering dust on my shelf (Does anyone remember those? You plug it in, put frozen bananas and other add-ins into the shoot, and magically, out comes “healthy ice cream”!). I was interested to see how this recipe compared to the Yonanas results. I actually like this dessert made with this method MUCH better than when made with the machine! Perhaps it’s the added bit of milk? This recipe is creamier with a taste and texture much more like real ice cream than what I get from the Yonanas method and truly no harder to make than using the machine. Adios, Yonanas Machine!

It took me 13 minutes to make, but that was only because I had to transfer it from the “low-powered” blender into the food processor once I realized the blender just wouldn’t work.

Leftovers were surprisingly good after freezing for a few days, not getting icy as I had feared they would.

This recipe follows a formula that both vegans and Vitamix aficionados have been following for decades. I'm not sure that "ice cream" is the right word for it, and I'm not a fan of superlatives in recipe titles. But it is good stuff. This is pretty much how I've made my smoothies for the past twenty-some-odd years, so clearly I like it. The texture immediately after blending is comparable to a soft-serve ice cream. You can suck it through a straw but just barely.

For my test version, I used some mixed berries and sweet cherries for the fruit. The pink peppercorns were an unusual addition but didn't really come through in the final product. I wouldn't bother with them again.

As written, the texture of the ice cream/smoothie isn’t as creamy as regular ice cream but more so than a sorbet. If you want to really up the creaminess throw in a handful of walnuts or pecans. Another great addition is a couple tablespoons of ground chocolate (but not cocoa powder unless you add sweetener to match). I like to use Ghirardelli ground chocolate, which is already somewhat sweet.

I omitted the sweetener as I find the bananas and fruit are sweet enough for my taste.

A word about your blender: It really helps to have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix to make this recipe. I speak from experience! I burned out three highly-rated blenders in one year making this stuff. Then I broke down and shelled out the bucks for the Vitamix, and happily blended for the next 20 years. Don't say I didn't warn you!


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