Costa Nova Brisa Oval Dinner Plate.

Do the wave at dinner

Can’t get to Portugal’s riviera–the Algarve–right now? (Who can?!) You can still entertain as if you have a magnificent veranda overlooking the Atlantic with this iridescent blue wave stoneware ceramic dinner plate. Pastéis de bacalhau, anyone?

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Faireal Portuguese Pottery Vase.

A bit of Portuguesa in every corner

Made in the Portugal, these are thrown by hand on a potter’s wheel and hand-painted. The blue and white floral motif, a traditional color combo, screams Portuguese. Just like guests will be screaming their envy.

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A single Bicos bicolor goblet.

A set of spiky goblets

These hand-crafted goblet, made of pressed glass, bear a design that’s more than 100 years old. Translated as “beaks” or “spikes,” bicos are the familiar nubby texture appearing in homes all over Portugal–and the world. Elegante, não é?

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A ceramic Nova blue tea pot.

A teapot worthy of a queen (and we don’t mean David)

Are you aware that Britain’s obsession with tea is due to the Portuguese?! Catherina of Braganza brought a casket of tea with her to England when she married Charles II. And this elegant teapot, in a quiet shade of Renaissance blue, reminds us how Portugal still holds onto its ritual of tea.

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A copper cataplana.

A wok with a wok on top

When David was on the Today Show cooking from a cataplana, Al Roker pointed to the pan and said, “It’s like a wok.” To which David replied, “Yeah. A wok with a wok on top!” The name has stuck around here. It’s the perfect contraption to cook some of Portugal’s most amazing dishes, trapping the wonderful juices of whatever’s within, which go by the same name cataplana.

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Graccioza Bella Portuguese Bath Towel.

A luxurious Alentejan wrap

When David and The One traveled through the Alentejo, the great swath of country south of Lisbon, they stayed in a renovated manor house. These plush towels were waiting when they arrived.

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Casafina Alentejo Terracotta Olive Dish.

An olive dish that’s definitely not the pits

Got olives? Then you’ve got pits, right? This handy dandy little must is a way to keep things pretty and neat. Put several around the room and you’re guaranteed not to find a pit stuffed in between the cushions. (That damn nephew!)

Casafina Alentejo Terracotta Olive Dish, $25 on Amazon Buy button.
Alcoa Portuguese Pottery Sardine Fridge Magnet.

The only fish you’ll want hanging on the wall

Ah, the sardine. One of the most beloved fish in Portugal, right up there with salt cod. There are even festivals devoted to the bony sardinha. And rumor has it that if you visit Lisbon on a June evening, you’ll see The One happily munching on them. This delightful wall hanging is a wink and a nod to that slippery little sucker. (The fish. Not The One.)

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Barcelos Portuguese Rooster Toothpick Holder.

One very happy rooster

The Barcelos Rooster, Portugal’s mascot, is recognized around the world as a symbol of happiness and hospitality. Be a beacon of joy at your next family dinner with these hand-painted metal toothpicks perfect for cheese, olives, chouriço, you name it.

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