7 Frozen Drink Recipes

Frozen drink recipes, such as margaritas, daiquiris, and other blender cocktails based on classic drinks, need very little introduction. Without further delay, here’s what we wish we were drinking right now.

1. Sgroppino | Lemon Chill

A champagne glass of Sgroppino, also called Lemon Chill, on a blue platePhoto: Manos Chatzikonstantis

This Italian sipper swirls together vodka, Prosecco, and lemon sorbet to ridiculously satiating, giggle-inducing effect.


2. Apricot Daiquiri

A metal serving tray with two apricot daiquiris with stir sticks, a juiced lemon, and a pot with poached apricots.Photo: Laura Edwards

This apricot daiquiri is gonna erase your outdated notion of the daiquiri as a cloying girlie blender drink. And it’s gonna exponentially up your summer entertaining game.


3. Frozen Gin Fizz

A frozen gin fizz in a martini glass with an orange stir stick and a little piece of lemon on the rim.Photo: Jessie Cross

We know, we know. Blender drinks are for sissies–or so you may think. If that’s the case, take a sip of this stiff riff on the gin and tonic. Then get back to us.


4. Frozen Long Island Iced Tea

A wine glass filled with frozen Long Island iced tea, garnished with an orange slice on an umbrella.Photo: Jessie Cross

Blender drinks don’t get much boozier than this rendition of that raid-the-liquor-cabinet classic. Umbrella optional.


5. Guinness and Ice Cream Float

Two Guiness floats with straws on a grey metal try with a few spoons lying beside them.Photo: Tanya Schroeder

A marvie blend of bitter stout and sweet ice cream, this inspired adults-only rendition of an old-fashioned float just may take you by surprise.


6. Frozen Margarita

A tall glass of frozen margarita with a salt rim and lime wheel beside a bowl of chips and guacamolePhoto: Noah Feckman

There are those people who feel a frozen margarita is a lesser margarita. We are not those people.


7. Pina Colada

Two pina coladas, garnished with a pineapple wheel and a whole pineapple nearby.Photo: Jeanine Thurston

This pina colada recipe is made with rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple, and couldn’t be easier. We also think it’s even better than the classic.


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