10 Winter Squash Recipes

These winter squash recipes include our favorite ways to revel in butternut, acorn, delicata, kabocha, and other gourds, whether roasted or grilled, soup or salad, abstemiously healthful or a little more indulgent.

An uncooked butternut squash quiche.
Butternut squash quiche is an easy and elegant solution to the question of what's for winter holiday brunch. We can't decide which we like more—the jewel-toned hues or the velvety texture or the rich savoriness drawn from brown butter, sage, and roasted butternut squash.
A wooden bowl with butternut squash and whole grain salad with a bowl of chopped parsley on the side and two glasses.
This butternut squash and whole grain salad recipe is made with spices, freekeh or brown rice or farro, and radicchio. It's lightly sweetened with dates and tossed in a simple lemon and oil dressing.
2 halves of an acorn squash on a white plate, scooped out and lightly charred.
The name says it all. Acorn squash is sliced into wedges, drizzled with olive oil and maple syrup, and roasted. A simple, sweet, dare we say elegant cold-weather side dish.
A black rectangular serving dish filled with slices of roasted squash with chile and honey, slices of roasted tofu, scallions, squeezed lime halves, and sesame seeds.
This roasted squash with chile and honey is served with sweet and spicy soy roasted tofu, sesame seeds, and scallions. An easy, healthy side or vegetarian main dish.
A wooden bowl filled with kale, butternut squash, and farro salad with a wooden spoon and kale and farro scattered on the tabletop.
This very simple salad full of kale, roasted squash, and warm grains is a delightful meal on its own or with cheese sauce splashed over the top, or with fried eggs. Alternatively, serve it as an accompaniment to sausages or roasted meat.
A slice of butternut squash and Parmesan tart on a white plate with a fork and knife, garnished with microgreens.
This butternut squash and Parmesan tart is made with a tender spelt crust and a creamy squash, egg, red onion, and cheese filling. It’s an elegant brunch or lunch that will earn you endless accolades.
A metal roasting pan filled with roast squash, feta, and pistachios on a wooden table with pistachios scattered around it.
This roast squash with pistachios is a simple and elegant way to gussy up plain old roasted winter squash. Simply add feta, a sprinkling of pistachios, a drizzle of cumin oil, and voila, your side dish just became a star.
An earthenware bowl filled with curried butternut squash and beets, on a plate with a fork resting beside the bowl
Simple roasted squash and beets are elevated to entertaining-worthy status with the addition of hot curry powder, lime juice, and cilantro.
Butternut squash soup in a blue pottery bowl with a slice of rustic bread being dipped into it.
This butternut squash soup, made easy by blending roasted winter squash with sage and drizzled with heavy cream or crème fraîche, is quick, easy, and healthy. Not to mention delicious. Consider yourself warned.



  1. Hi Dave,
    I just read through this posting and I can’t wait to try every one of the fall veggie recipes. Thankfully, I have a great friend who runs an organic farm here on Ibiza, and he makes so many wonderful veggies available to me…. So, here goes, I can’t wait to start. Your site is the most exciting food based site on the internet. You are a marvel.

    1. David,

      I had a sneaky suspicion that you occasionally stepped away from devouring your site, so now I know some names who help you do the impossible….Thanks to all; since I discovered this site, I have almost never looked at any of my old favourites; and I am a total newbie to the kitchen, so I am at your mercy.



      1. We’re happy to help anytime, Gary. Can’t wait to hear about everything you try!

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