Toblerone Rice Krispies Treats

These Toblerone Rice Krispies treats are a gussied-up version of the childhood classic that incorporates two types of chocolate into the rice cereal and marshmallow snack bars.

A pan of Toblerone Rice Krispies treats cut into bars.

A kid classic that’s been gussied up with Toblerone, another classic. The chocolate is infused with almond and nougat, which makes for a slightly crunchier, slightly more caramel-inflected treat, which in turn makes them even more irresistible. As if that was even possible. (Yes, trust us, it is.)–Renee Schettler Rossi

What is Toblerone?

Toblerone is a Swiss confection made of chocolate infused with almond, honey, and nougat. It was patented in 1909 and has remained popular throughout most of the world since then.

Where can I find Toblerone?

Toblerone can be found in the candy aisle of some but not all grocery stores, drug stores, and specialty food stores, including some European bakeries and delis that stock lovelies from abroad. Our recipe testers also found Toblerone at duty-free boutiques at airports, Costco, and Wegmans. It’s available at Amazon though at a rather steep markup.

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Toblerone Rice Krispies Treats

A pan of Toblerone Rice Krispies treats cut into bars.
These Toblerone Rice Krispies treats are a gussied-up version of the childhood classic that incorporates two types of chocolate into the rice cereal and marshmallow snack bars.

Prep 20 mins
Cook 3 hrs 10 mins
Total 3 hrs 30 mins
20 servings
177 kcal
5 / 3 votes
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  • 5 1/4 ounces marshmallows preferably large (about 20 marshmallows)
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 1/2 tablespoons (5 1/4 oz) unsalted butter
  • 3 1/2 ounces Toblerone dark chocolate with honey and almond nougat
  • 7 ounces crisp rice cereal such as Rice Krispies (about 7 cups)
  • 10 1/2 ounces Toblerone milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat


  • Line a 9-inch (23-cm) square baking dish with parchment paper.
  • In a large saucepan over low heat, melt the marshmallows, butter, and Toblerone dark chocolate, stirring frequently, until melted and completely combined.

    TESTER TIP: Got kids? Bring ‘em in the kitchen. They love breaking off the triangles and counting the marshmallows.

  • Working quickly, stir in the rice cereal and then spoon the mixture into the parchment-lined dish. Flatten with the back of a spoon to form a compact and even layer. Slide the dish in the fridge for 1 hour.
  • In a heatproof bowl set over (but not touching) a pan of barely simmering water, melt the Toblerone milk chocolate, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Pour evenly over the chilled cereal mixture and smooth with the back of a spoon.

    TESTER TIP: If you like a little salty with your sweet, sprinkle some sea salt flakes over the chocolate before refrigerating.

  • Cover the pan with plastic wrap and return to the fridge until completely set, 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Thinly slice into bars and devour. Note that these are a little more crumbly than a traditional rice krispies treat, so keep a napkin or plate nearby while noshing. (You can cover and keep these at room temperature for up to a week…although good luck getting them to last that long.)
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Serving: 1portionCalories: 177kcal (9%)Carbohydrates: 29g (10%)Protein: 1g (2%)Fat: 7g (11%)Saturated Fat: 4g (25%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 12mg (4%)Sodium: 9mgPotassium: 56mg (2%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 18g (20%)Vitamin A: 144IU (3%)Vitamin C: 1mg (1%)Calcium: 7mg (1%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

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Recipe Testers’ Reviews

Such a fast, fun twist on the standard marshmallow treats. They were a great way to satisfy a chocolate craving and felt like an upgraded version of what I had as a kid!

I couldn’t find the dark chocolate Toblerone for the life of me so subbed some Lindt 85% dark instead. I do think there could be a bit more marshmallows as they did not stay together as well as I would like.

I ended up having to keep mine in the fridge because it is just too hot and humid right now so the chocolate layer on top got too soft if left out. But I found myself snacking on these all week. I personally wouldn’t mind finishing it with a little sea salt.

These are delicious. The addition of Toblerone brings these bars over the top. They’re sweet but still light. It takes some self-control to stop eating these. In fact, it’s easy to eat 1, 2, 3, or even 4.

I used Rice Krispies, which nicely retained their crunch for a couple of days. I don’t know after that because all were eaten in a short time. After putting the chocolate on top, I refrigerated them for 1 hour then cut them. The squares cut easily but crumbled somewhat when I tried to remove them from the pan. I refrigerated overnight and they held together well. I was then able to keep them at room temperature.

High-brow rice krispies treats or low-brow tiffin, this is a winner for several reasons. At potlucks and bake sales, I veer away from most rice krispies creations as they make me sad. Often too dry or artificial tasting when made with margarine, crisp rice treats are a bit of an art. My benchmark is the old recipe from Nordstroms espresso bar. They were chewy, with ample butter, and always seemed fresh wrapped in cling film. Living in the UK now, I miss those treats and Nordstroms altogether.

Enter these Toblerone rice krispies treats. These are the treats you could bring to a potluck or bake sale and be proud. Just a touch different and with loads of room for versatility, these are great and will soon become a staple.

The texture of the rice with marshmallow is perfectly chewy and scrumptious with a hint of caramel flavor. The ratio of cereal to butter and marshmallow is spot-on. The top layer makes this an elegant treat, and reminds me very much of the English version of Tiffin. The top layer is also where you can play with it, I think any Toblerone flavour would work, and most chocolate bars, if in a pinch. Same with the dark Toblerone in the puffed rice mixture, I think it works perfectly with that flavor, but another could be substituted and the result would be slightly sweeter.

They’re still terrific and fresh tasting 3 days later. This was fun to make. They’re a beautiful shape for packaging. Who doesn’t love Toblerone? Children love breaking off the triangles and counting the marshmallows. This would be lovely for them to make with grandparents or extended family.

Mostly, this was just tasty, and I am already looking forward to making this again. Toblerone will now be a pantry staple.

I added about 1 TBL of cream as my Toblerone chocolate seized a bit when creating the top layer, this could have been because my kids were stirring or perhaps this recipe needs it. My vote is always for a spoonful of cream.

Growing up, one of my best friends always had a special treat that would show up at his birthday: homemade peanut butter rice krispies treats with chocolate. His mom would mix peanut butter into the rice krispies base and once they firmed up in the pan she would slick them with a thick layer of chocolate. Sometimes he’d bring leftovers to school and we’d eat them during recess. He’s a better person than I am. I wouldn’t have shared.

These rice krispies treats may be different in their flavor profile, but share the same spirit: take an American classic and make them even better, because chocolate has that super power. By keeping the majority of the Toblerone as a layer on top of the treat, the iconic taste is front and center. They require roughly the same amount of time as the classic, making the argument less of a “why should I?” and more of a “why shouldn’t I???”

Depending on where you live, the hardest part of this recipe is finding the Dark Chocolate Toblerone (I’ve had something akin to my own grail quest this past week) but don’t let that stop you. Use whatever chocolate you have, though I do highly endorse a sprinkle of flake salt after you have let the chocolate top set for 30 minutes. I’m a grown-up now so I shared mine, but I can promise that you won’t want to.

I had a bag of small marshmallows so I used those. I didn’t count, but it amounted to 2 1/2 cups of marshmallows.

I sprinkled Maldon salt over the top after it had set for 30 minutes (an idea I pulled from my favorite chocolate cinnamon fudge recipe) and am so glad I did. It helped cut the sweetness of the top.

These cut easily and the texture was fine over several days. The one takeaway is that the chocolate prevents the marshmallow from being as sticky as normal, so it’s a little less structurally sound when you bite it and less chewy than is traditional. Not a deal breaker, but worth noting.

A pan of Toblerone Rice Krispies treats cut into bars.

Originally published November 02, 2020


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