10 Cranberry Recipes

These cranberry recipes offer an array of uses for that iconic sweet-tart berry—some expected, some unconventional, all lovely—whether for Thanksgiving or any time of year.

A cooked cranberry apple crostata on a piece of parchment.
Cranberry apple crostata is so easy to make and so unexpectedly lovely to experience it may end up displacing the more familiar dessert offerings at your Thanksgiving table.
A white gravy boat filled with cranberry relish with a halved lime and juicer in the background.
This sweet and spicy cranberry relish is a contemporary take on the traditional cranberry sauce. Spiced with jalapeño and brightened with lime juice, it will become an instant holiday favorite.
A loaf of cranberry orange pecan bread in the background with a halved slice from it in front
This cranberry orange pecan bread, with its balance of tart and sweet, is so tempting it doesn’t even need a schmear of butter as added enticement. We’re thinking of it for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning—or any morning, for that matter.
Five cranberry scones with two drizzled with white chocolate glaze on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet.
Cranberry scones drizzled with white chocolate that are flaky and perfectly balanced between tart and sweet, and festive as can be in appearance. Certainly sounds like an ideal Thanksgiving breakfast to us.
Cranberry and orange relish in a white bowl on a baking sheet
This cranberry and orange relish is made simply with cranberries, sugar, oranges, and water, and comes together in just 5 minutes of your time. Because we know you have other stuff to think about on Thanksgiving.
A cranberry margarita in a short glass with a skewer or sugared cranberries and orange zest across the top.
This cranberry margarita makes a spiked cocktail for any occasion, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a summer afternoon. The swizzle sticks aren’t essential yet add a little lovely bling.
A square of cranberry buckle with a streusel top and studded with cranberries.
This cranberry buckle with crumb topping is a tender cake enriched with sour cream and punctuated with tart cranberries. It makes a lovely autumn dessert, breakfast, or teatime indulgence.
A silver and glass decorative dish filled with raw cranberry sauce. A lid for the dish and a silver spoon rest beside the dish.
This uncooked cranberry sauce is essentially the classic Thanksgiving condiment reinvented. Just three simple ingredients. No simmering or stirring required.
Several sugared cranberries scattered across a sheet of parchment.
This sugared cranberries recipe, made with cranberries and sugar, puts to use leftover cranberries for an extra sparkly garnish.
A large white bowl and a small metal bowl filled with raw cranberry relish on a metal serving tray with a few cranberries scattered around.
This raw cranberry relish is not only easy but it's also incredibly delish. A touch of orange, jalapeño, and Grand Marnier upgrades that much maligned jiggly can of your childhood.


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