Leite’s Loves…Oxo Good Grips Flexible Spatula

In Leite’s Loves…Oxo Good Grips Flexible Spatula, our Editor in Chief, Renee, explains why this bendy, versatile, and affordable spatula is her preferred and only spatula. Spoiler alert: The slender metal blade works wonders on almost anything in the kitchen.

An OXO Flexible Spatula on the left with the Leite's Loves symbol on the right.
A lot of people like to say “I can’t make it through a day without fill-in-the-blank.” Caffeine. Wine. Chocolate. Yoga. A little Bridgerton-ing between the sheets.

I’m not going to comment on which I’d rather not last more than 24 hours without, though I can tell you that in the last several years, I can’t recall a stretch of time longer than that when I haven’t used my OXO Good Grips Flexible Spatula.

Its lure lies in the super slender metal blade, which is exactly the perfect mashup of bendy and sturdy for when you require just a sliver of metal and the slightest touch to convince something to unattach with ease from a skillet or baking sheet. Eggs perfectly sunny side up with the yolks defiantly runny. Seared white fish fillets with an oh-so-delicate crust. Roasted potatoes that stubbornly want to cling to the metal roasting pan. Omelets and frittatas you’ve induced to just the right jiggliness in the center. Sea scallops that you’ve cooked to a sigh-inducingly beautiful exterior that need to be coaxed from the skillet when the time is right. And oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies that, still fragile, threaten to slouch or fall apart the moment you attempt to budge them from the sheet.

The fact that the handle snugly fits in my hand without effort or annoyance also is a point of attraction. As is its affordable price.

Crafted of stainless steel, the spatula works its considerable yet subtle magic on cast iron or stainless steel sauté pans as well as baking sheets. Keep these away from your nonstick skillets, please. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Though bear in mind, please, that a proper cast iron skillet works as well as or, I dare say, better than nonstick in any instance.)

The spatulas come, handily enough, in a couple sizes. The smaller version lets you easily maneuver in a smallish eight-inch cast-iron skillet. The larger version handles fish fillets and a couple cookies or sea scallops at a time and, though not sufficiently sturdy for steak, capably handles bone-in chicken parts. Either size works surprisingly well at whacking errant hands that encroach in your cooking space.

The spatula is attached to the handle simply by welding. And I can say from experience that if you’re prone to dropping your spatula or tossing it to the side, the fastening will falter with time and there will come a sad moment when you’ll need to replace the spatula, though only after many long months, if not years, of durability. I tend to stash a spare identical spatula in my kitchen so as never to be left wanting. Also for those moments when I’m feeling lazy and the other is in the sink.

Though my fascination began out of frugality years ago in a tiny Manhattan apartment with little room for clutter, my fondness has endured. It’s literally the single spatula I’ve relied on for probably more than a decade and I haven’t entertained notions of any other. Ever.

Oxo Good Grips Flexible Spatula can be found in large and, well, not-quite-so-large sizes at stores that carry Oxo products as well as online where Oxo products are sold. The spatulas can occasionally be tricky to find, although we’ve recently purchased them through Amazon.


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