5 Incredibly Satisfying Salads

Five incredibly satisfying salads to help you get your daily intake of greens. Guaranteed to not disappoint, whether you like things on the completely healthy end of things or don’t mind a little indulgence.

Chopped salad on a white plate, with a fork and knife, halved avocado, and dish of blue cheese, almonds, and apple on the side.
This chopped salad is a mash-up of Waldorf and Cobb salads. It's healthy, with just enough indulgence tossed in there to keep everyone interested.
A white bowl filled filled with a healthy gado gado salad
This healthy gado gado salad is made with brown rice, eggs, carrots, red cabbage, and mangoes. Drizzled on top is a vegetarian peanut sauce. Quick, easy, and delicious. Oh, it's kid friendly, too.
A ceramic bowl filled with posole salad, including hominy, crispy pork, cabbage, radish, pepitas, and cilantro.
This posole salad is an easy riff on the traditional Mexican soup with all the flavor of the red chile, crispy pork, hominy, cabbage, radish, pumpkin seeds, cilantro, and plenty of lime. Summer posole cravings satisfied.
Roasted chickpea salad on a gold-rimmed plate, with orange segments, couscous, cilantro, and shaved carrot.
This roasted chickpea salad gets glammed up with the addition of a Moroccan spice blend as well as carrot, cucumber, and radish. And it’s ready in just half an hour.
A serving of chicken and preserved lemon salad on a blue plate.
This is perfect for a summer supper with a cold glass of vino and if the weather’s lousy, it will bring a little of that hazy heat from the dusty hills of Morocco to brighten up your home.


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