A dutch oven with a succulent in it from the line where Le Creuset introduces Its newest color, agave.
This week, Le Creuset has launched its newest color, a stunning and unexpected shade of blue called Agave. The entire line of enameled cast-iron cookware that’s magnificent for all your braising desires is saturated in a dazzling jewel tone, a harmonious swirl of two vibrant and shimmering shades—lush green and cerulean blue. The addition of Champagne-toned details on some of the pieces beautifully offsets the richness of the melded hues.

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The inspiration behind Agave

Le Creuset cites “fresh beginnings and exciting ideas” as the inspiration for this highly innovative hue. These pieces have been enameled in two separate layers, all over in green and then as a gradient in blue, to create a multifaceted blend “where the richest green organically blossoms into a striking blue. This engaging hue, inspired by the blues and greens of the plant agave azul, represents how expression can be at once multifaceted and harmonious and demonstrates Le Creuset’s expertise in crafting a hue that captures the nuances of personal expression,” the brand writes on its site. “The multi-layered beauty of Agave is that it complements other colors, think of it as a chameleon of sorts, adapting and elevating the colors around it.” Uh. Yeah. What they said. (We know it’s crazy to be so jazzed about this color…but here we are.)

Products from the line where Le Creuset introduces Its newest color, agave.

The history of Le Creuset

For nearly a century, Le Creuset has been creating gorgeous, handcrafted cast-iron cookware that has become iconic for durability but also for the range of sumptuous, fashionable colors. Its fans are instantly recognizable on Instagram kitchen pics. (We’re the ones with our braisers on permanent display, darling.) Since 1925, Le Creuset’s enamel colors have garnered legions of fans across the globe. Inspired by the color of molten cast iron, Flame (or Volcanic, depending where you are) is the original shade that launched a thousand cocottes. Even the factory in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, is painted the classic orange hue. How’s that for millennial-like look-at-me marketing?

Le Creuset’s most memorable colors

Flame remains the best-selling color in many countries, including France. In Germany, home cooks seem to snatch up all the blue shades—Marseilles, Marine, Carribean. Here in the United States, we’re partial to Soleil, a cheery primary yellow, while Japanese cooks prefer pastels such as Chiffon Pink and Provence, a shade of lavender, natch.

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To date, Le Creuset has created about 100 colors, some of which have been discontinued over time. They have a well-deserved reputation for launching new shades to meet customer demand for both timeless and trendsetting palettes. The last year has been no exception, and luckily for us, they’ve included a one-of-a-kind hue that was made for reveling in each time you catch a glimpse of it, an indulgence we all seem to desire, from home chefs to celebs including Ina Garten and Ludo Lefebvre. Here’s to taking pleasure wherever we can find it.

Le Creuset’s Agave is available online in our shop.

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