6 One Pot Pasta Recipes

Craving a simple, comforting one-pot pasta meal? These recipes will satisfy in a hurry, with minimal dishes to do.



  1. One of the best examples of a single-pot pasta meal right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXxW5cbDC2Y

    The cheeseburger casserole from Recipe Tin Eats is also a great one.

    There’s something about these one-pot dishes, especially ones that mix through pasta. Heck, recently I simply mixed butter with banana ketchup and some garlic granules as a stir-through dish for some spaghetti – plus a small pinch of curry powder. Throw some reserved succotash, and you have a solid meal (I also might have cooked some chicken nuggets to plump it out further). It is funny how you get more frugal and inventive with cooking after the experience, what you should have had from earlier days.

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