The Absolute Best Super Bowl Recipes for 2021

Images of two of the the absolute best Super Bowl recipes for 2021 -- peppery chicken wings, beef chili tacos, ribs, and baked potato chips.

Let’s face it. Super Bowl is essentially an excuse to indulge in an array of the most spectacularly indulgent foods imaginable while coming up with pithy things to utter during the halftime entertainment if only for your own amusement. (Do you even know who’s playing in the 2021 Super Bowl?! That’s what we thought. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.) So without much more fanfare, behold, the things we suspect you may come to expect on this holiest of holy football game days, whether easy appetizers or full-blown, knock-yourself-out, all-day affairs. And may you not forget to watch the game. Choose from 242 options. Here’s hoping you’re not the indecisive type.

12 superlative dips for dunking

A cast-iron skilled filled with choriqueso, a cheese dip topped with queso : Lisa Fain

Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to dip tortilla chips into a skillet of sausage-gilded cheesiness and repeat until you can’t move. Or perhaps you’re the sort who dainly nibbles a celery stick that you barely swiped through a healthy concoction. Doesn’t matter. There’s a dip that you’ll love in this list. Guaranteed. (With an emphasis on the ooey gooey, best-not-to-count-calories sort of dips. C’mon. It’s just one day.)

14 chicken wings that best anything at a sports bar

A bowl of buffalo chicken wings with a bottle of beer, a shot glass of raw vegetables, and a cup of dip on the side. : Ryland Peters & Small

Fried. Roasted. Grilled. Broiled. Incendiary. Buffalo-style. Mild enough to be kid-friendly. Even slightly healthy. We’ve got wings of all sorts to satiate your any chicken wing need.

11 chili recipes as good as the halftime show

An earthenware bowl filled with slow cooker beef chili, topped with cheese, tortilla chips, and cilantro, with a spoon resting in it. : Helen Dujardin

Let us remind you, chili is not one of those fussy gotta-serve-it-the-moment-it’s-ready sorta things. It’s eminently forgiving, unlike the crowds responding to an official they loathe. And so you can make it ahead of time and be assured that it will remain just as temping on the third bowlful as it is the first—without you having to miss any of the game. Or the commercials.

30 taco recipes for “Taco Sunday”

A basket containing two Baja-style tempura fish tacos and some pickled vegetables, with a bottle of Pacifico on the side. : Ed Anderson

Because we trust that you’re adept enough to juggle tacos and a beer and keep your eyes on the game without letting any of the fixings spill out. Set out fixings galore and call it a Super Bowl Taco Night by letting everyone assemble their own tacos de resistance.

11 potato chips recipes for a “super” bowl

A grey bowl filled with baked potato chips : Ilona Oppenheim

You won’t go back to plain old store-bought chips after these. Nor do you have to haul out the deep-fryer if you don’t want. Simply rip open a bag of plain chips and glam them up a little (spoiler alert: we tell you how to make the absolute best barbecue potato chips you’ve ever experienced) or, if that’s not your speed, slice and bake or fry to your heart’s content. Don’t forget the dip.

20 pizzas better than delivery

A sheet pan with pepperoni pan pizza, with cheese and pepperoni on top : Randy Harris

Where’s the satisfaction in complaining about the driver being late or griping about there not being enough toppings on your takeout pizza? Please. It’s so easy to make your own. Not to mention gratifying. And it’s something the entire family can do together (cue Lifetime afternoon-special music).

9 lasagnas to fill a linebacker

A metal baking dish filled with lasagna bolognese on a wooden surface. : Alexandre Champagne

Layers of supple pasta. Molten cheese. Tangy tomato sauce. We honestly can’t see what could go wrong here when needing to feed hearty Super Bowl appetites. Unless, of course, you don’t have the right recipe. We took care of that potential problem for you.

12 ribs to devour while yelling at the officials

A rack of barbecue beef ribs, with four sliced off the end. : Geno Loro

Nothing complements the rather testosterone-driven sport of football like the primal instinct to gnaw meat off the bone. Whether you care for your ribs to be smoked or roasted, sauced or dry, the one commonality among these ribs is their ability to distract you from what you’re doing long enough to make you appreciate each darn bite. Then you can get back to watching the game.

14 slow cooker Super Bowl recipes

A cast iron pot filled with braised short rib chili with a bowl of diced onion on the side and a handful of cilantro. : Eva Kolenko

Fix it and forget it. That’s what you need when you’ve got other things vying for your attention. And that’s exactly what you can do with these hearty recipes that let you get the priority—food, natch—done early in the day on Super Bowl Sunday. More time to relax—if you can call it that—in front of the flat screen.

10 baked pastas for overtime

A cheesy baked spaghetti casserole in a cast-iron skillet. : Dylan James Ho & Jeni Afuso

When you’re too busy—or lazy—for lasagna, these cheats let you have all the same indulgence yet without the effort or expense.

10 meatballs recipes–because they’re meatballs!

This spaghetti and meatballs from Dorie Greenspan is, as you'd expect, easy and delicious. #spaghetti #meatballs #spaghettiandmeatballs #doriegreenspan : Ellen Silverman
Shape the meatballs early in the day. Get your sauce simmering before the first quarter. And then all that’s left to do during a timeout is turn the pasta on and ease on into the dinner end zone.

19 burger recipes for all those replays

A fully loaded bacon Manchego cheese burger on a sesame bun. : David Reamer

Cheeseburgers. Plain burgers. Pork burgers. Turkey burgers. We defy you to feel bereft of burger inspiration after checking out our fave meat-meets-bun combos. Perfect for eating with two hands while staring at the screen.

9 popcorn recipes perfect for stress eating

A baking sheet filled with maple caramel corn. : Erin Scott

Nothing like something you can grab by the fistful and knock back without thinking twice…except perhaps to admire the attention-grabbing salty-sweet taste or how exquisitely spiced the unexpected heat. Whether you’re a fan a little caramel to help your whole grains go down a little more easily or you prefer wasabi, you’re welcome.

30 brownie & blondies for the sugar rush

A white cake stand of a pile of one-pot cocoa brownies, a glass of milk, on a white table : Stacey

No Super Bowl is complete without something a little sweet. And chocolatey. And gooey. You may want to consider baking a second batch right away just in case of overtime.

24 chocolate chip cookies for the hell of it

One whole wheat chocolate chip cookie pulled in two : Alpha Smoot

Spiffy or simple, these chocolate chip cookies appeal to all sorts of football fans, from those who loathe nuts to those who wouldn’t mind some crushed chicharrones (that’s pork rinds) cozying up next to their chocolate chips.



  1. That Chipotle Maple Barbecue Beef Brisket served up as tacos just won it’s place on this year’s Super Bowl Sunday menu. Thank you!

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