11 Coffee Cake Recipes

Our round-up of coffee cake recipes will keep you busy—baking all kinds of cakes that are totally acceptable for breakfast, brunch, and any other time you’re craving sweet carbs. There are recipes to sate any desire from cinnamon to fruit to actual coffee.

An espresso cake drizzled with glaze on a wire rack that is set on a pice of parchment to catch any glaze drips.
This espresso cake is easy as can be and comes together with strongly brewed coffee plus espresso powder baked into the cake. If that weren’t enough, a coffee glaze–made with coffee, milk, and confectioners sugar–is drizzled on top.
Danish chocolate-streusel coffee cake with chocolate filling and slivered almonds topping on a white plate
This Danish chocolate streusel coffee cake is swirled with a buttery chocolate and cinnamon mixture and sprinkled with sliced almonds. A spectacular holiday dessert (though we’ve been known to indulge in it at breakfast, too).
Babka Shaping on a marble board.
This Hungarian coffee cake, made with cinnamon sugar and a yeasted bread dough and a rich, buttery cinnamon streusel, is essentially a cross between bread and pastry and cake. What could be better?
Nine slices of raspberry peach coffee cake with a bowl of raspberries nearby and some more raspberries scattered around the cake.
This raspberry peach coffee cake melds summer fruits in a classic coffee cake beneath a brown sugar streusel and simple confectioners’ sugar glaze. Perfect for breakfast, dessert, and everything in between. We wait all year for summer so we can make this.
An apple coffee cake with one slice cut from it on a wire cooling rack with parchment underneath.
Apple coffee cake made with sour cream, cinnamon, streusel, and an apple glaze in a Bundt pan is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Provided, natch, that you’re willing to share.
A whole sour cream coffee cake with a wedge cut from it.
This sour cream coffee cake gets its richness and tender crumb from sour cream and is rippled through with a cinnamon-pecan streusel and drizzled with a white glaze. Excellent for breakfast, coffee breaks, tea time, snacking, and dessert. Oh, and it shuts up kids in three seconds flat!
A Zingerman's sour cream coffee cake with a piece cut from it and lying on its side with a cup of coffee, and a stack of plates and pile of forks nearby.
This easy sour cream coffee cake, from the famous Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI, lives up to its well-deserved reputation. A cinnamon walnut filling swirls through a moist, buttery cake Bundt. Caution: Highly addictive.
A glazed lemon pull-apart coffee cake on a wire rack with a spoon and jar of glaze beside it, all resting on a wooden cutting board.
This lemon pull-apart coffee cake is made of layers of yeasted dough sandwiched together with a sweet, buttery filling fragrant with citrus zest. Once out of the oven, it’s brushed with a lemon cream cheese icing and fairly falls apart although it’s much funner to gently pull it apart.
Four wedges of raspberry streusel coffee cake on a white wooden background.
Raspberry streusel coffee cake isn’t just for breakfast. It’s buttery and almond-y and just all around lovely. And gonna knock your socks off.
An apricot and pistachio-studded lemon coffee cake with a slice cut from it.
This apricot, pistachio, and lemon coffee cake perfect for dessert or alongside your afternoon cuppa.
Several pieces of coffee coffee cake stacked on a wire rack, with a cup of coffee next to them.
This coffee coffee cake gets a caffeine boost from the ribbon of espresso swirl running through it and is lavished with a sweet streusel.


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