12 Cold Soup Recipes for Hot Days

12 cold soup recipes for hot days is our answer to those days when it’s too hot to eat but you’re still craving something that will satisfy you. Packed full of fresh veggies and savory spices, there’s something here for everyone.

Five white bowls filled with pureed cold sweet pea soup, topped with a few who peas
This cold sweet pea soup is made with fresh or frozen green peas, vegetable broth, onion, salt, pepper, and honey. It’s a great soup for long-awaited spring. Plus it’s vegetarian as well as weeknight friendly.
A ceramic bowl filled with chilled tomato soup with feta and olives and a stack of three white plates topped with feta, olives, and basil.
Using a variety of tomatoes in this cold tomato soup is what we usually do but if you have only one kind on hand, go for it. The feta and olives add the extra salt needed to bring out the pure tomato flavor.
Two blue bowls of cold cucumber soup with yogurt and dill on a linen cloth with a spoon and lemon beside them.
This cold cucumber soup with yogurt and dill is a quick weeknight dinner fix on hot summer days. No need to touch the stove dial. Even better, no need to spend any more than 20 minutes in the kitchen.
A square grey plate containing a bowl of cantaloup soup and a prosciutto mozzarella sandwich on a baguette.
This cantaloupe soup and prosciutto-mozzarella sandwiches is a quick no-cook meal made with simply pureed melon along with baguette of cold cuts and cheese.
Portuguese white gazpacho with crab salad in a green soup bowl with bowls and flatware in the background.
This luscious hybrid dish combines Portugal's fave shellfish, crab, with a white gazpacho for a refreshing dish with a little bit of delish richness.
A white bowl filled with smoky gazpacho drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, and a spoon resting inside the bowl.
Few soups are simpler than this summer classic, but here I make it slightly more complicated by giving the vegetables a quick turn over a smoky fire to lightly flavor them, not cook them.
A pot of green watercress soup and a black bowl of soup nearby.
Fresh, green, and incredibly tasty, this soup is a delight all year round. Try it cold for a refreshing summer supper.
A small bowl of lemon wedges and two white bowls of deep purple summer borscht with a dollop or sour cream and sprinkling of chives in each.
This summer borscht, this more refined and lighter version of the hearty beet soup popular in eastern Europe is made with beets, carrots, celery, and tomatoes and served chilled.
Black bowl of green gazpacho, with two ice cubes, drizzle of olive oil
As you can see from the instructions, this green gazpacho is simple to make. There may be many ingredients but they're straightforward and don't need much prep. It's certainly worth the effort. A delicious soup that's perfect on a hot day.
A bowl of Spanish gazpacho on a linen cloth and napkin with a spoon beside it and a bowl of chopped peppers, cucumber, and onion.
I have used the following gazpacho recipe for years. I do not peel the tomatoes—if you use a food processor, the skin all but disappears.
A bowl of chilled cucumber soup with a spoon resting inside.
Inspired by Indian raita (except you eat it with a spoon), it is refreshing and so pretty, making it the perfect starter for lunch or dinner on a sweltering day. Stay in the shade, listen to the cicadas, and make this chilled soup. Cooling off doesn’t get any simpler than this!


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