12 Cold Soup Recipes for Hot Days

12 cold soup recipes for hot days is our answer to those days when it’s too hot to eat but you’re still craving something that will satisfy you. Packed full of fresh veggies and savory spices, there’s something here for everyone.

Easy Gazpacho

Perhaps the easiest gazpacho recipe ever, this Spanish classic will have you swearing off takeout all summer long.

Cold Sweet Pea Soup

It doesn't get much simpler or sweeter than this cold sweet pea soup, which can be made with frozen or fresh peas and just happens to be vegetarian as well as weeknight friendly.

Chilled Tomato Soup with Feta and Olives

This shockingly stunning chilled soup--not to be confused with gazpacho, mind you--has ample oomph to compensate for lackluster tomatoes. But when made with in-season heirlooms?

Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt and Dill

Your favorite Greek tzatziki sauce transformed into an insanely cooling, soothing summer soup. No stove required.

Cantaloupe Soup with Prosciutto-Mozzarella Sandwiches

For those nights when you want to simply make supper out of a cheese and cold cut plate with some fruit.

Portuguese White Gazpacho with Crab

This pale Portuguese-inspired soup and salad makes up for in taste what it lacks in tradition.

Smoky Gazpacho

Sometimes a little unexpected tweak to tradition isn't a bad thing. Nope. Not a bad thing at all...

Watercress Soup

"What's up?" you ask. We actually prefer “What's sup?” as it more pointedly asks what lovely thing you've been supping as of late.

Summer Borscht

An easy and elegant version of the traditional Russian winter soup that's refreshing (and healthy) as heck.

Green Gazpacho

Though this cool, creamy, don't-turn-on-the-stove soup is hardly penance, it certainly makes amends for all those burgers and brats. Summer detox, anyone?

Spanish Gazpacho

Puree tomatoes, cukes, bell peppers, bread, vinegar, garlic, and olive oil until smooth, toss in the fridge until mind-numbingly cold, then slurp and sigh.

Chilled Cucumber Soup

This cool yogurt-based soup is ideal on those sweltering days when you don't feel like heating up the kitchen.


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