How to Save Time Making Breakfast with Sheet Pans

Want to know how to save time making breakfast with sheet pans? We’ve got some recipes for all the best ways to get breakfast on the table, fast. Eggs, bacon, even breakfast fries. You might even look forward to getting out of bed.

A kitchen timer.
: Paul837

Yes, you can have a proper breakfast with barely any effort. And no, it doesn’t mean making a smoothie or standing at the stove impatiently scrambling eggs, flipping bacon, or inadvertently letting the toast burn while you frantically check your inbox.

Breakfast can be easier and faster than that. And the answer relies on everyone’s latest kitchen darling, the sheet pan. It may astound you with what it can do to diminish kitchen chaos, not just at the end of the day but as it begins. And there’s just one pan to wash. —LC Editors

Sheet pan eggs

Sunny side up sheet pan eggs on a baking sheet.
: Amy Neunsinger

That’s right. Crack your eggs into a bowl, pour them onto a preheated sheet pan slicked with oil, slide it into the oven, and you’re done. This may not be the best solution for finicky eaters who deign to eat only eggs with perfectly set whites and semi-runny yolks. So let them stand at the stove. With this approach, you’ll have time to leisurely shave and sip your coffee. 

Pancakes for a crowd

We honestly never would have thought of this breakfast brilliance had it not been for one of our recipe testers, Louisa S., who has taken to “baking my pancake mixture in the oven on a parchment-lined baking tray. I throw all the pancake mixture onto the tray in a nice level layer and bake it off for about 10 to 12 minutes and I get wonderfully pillow-soft slices of pancakes to enjoy with syrup and toppings. It beats hours flipping flapjacks on the stove. And breakfast is cooked and done in 20 minutes.

Baked bacon

A white tray with slices of perfect baked bacon.
: Carl Tremblay

A sheet pan approach to bacon lacks nothing in loveliness compared to the classic skillet method. Not aroma. Not crispiness. Not soulful gratifyingness. What are you waiting for?

Forget hash browns. Hello, breakfast fries!

A tray of breakfast oven fries
: Emily Brooke Sandor

We like hash browns and home fries as much as you. And yet there’s an alternate approach to morning carbs that’s a heck of a lot easier and, honestly, feels indulgently naughty as it’s so darn close to fries at an improper hour. We call them breakfast fries. You may call them whatever you like.

Originally published September 12, 2021

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