Tying Up Loose Thanksgiving Ends

Trussed Turkey

I’m not a kitchen gadget guy. I’ve never been a kitchen gadget guy. But every birthday and Christmas I invariably receive astoundingly useless gifts. There was the bagel slicer; the vacuum sealer (I actually used that one for a while); the spoons that measure a smidge, hint, pinch, and drip; and the mechanical tea-bag squeezer. All are tag-sale fodder. I prefer to use a knife to cut my bagels, tightly wrap food with plastic, pinch my own spices, and squeeze my own tea bags, thank you very much. So it’s not surprising that I looked upon thefoodloop with utter skepticism. A ribbed silicon tie that takes the place of twine? But the notion of rolling, binding, or trussing food, such as a turkey, stuffed pork loin, or a boneless leg of lamb, with just a snap intrigued me. I tried one on a roast chicken (as a test for T-Day), and it held perfectly. They’re also heat resistant up to 675 degrees in the oven, microwave, or on the stovetop, which means I can even burn dinner, and it’ll still hold together beautifully. Best of all, the loops are reusable; just wash them in hot soapy water.

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  1. I loooove my vacuum sealer. I tend to overbuy, and stuff like ham is totally destroyed by freezing, then thawing. Ta da! Enter the vacuum sealer. I seal things in reasonably large portions — company dinner size — and leave them in the fridge. Not more ham jettisoning quarts of water, turning salty and stringy.

    I know if I would just learn a little purchase control I wouldn’t have this problem, but I can’t resist a bargain!

    1. Ruthie, how did you know this was at the top of my must-have list? So glad to hear that my longings are justified. Any advice before I go shopping?

      1. Not advice, really, Beth. i saw a link to a sale at FoodSaver.com. They had so many options, really amazing, but I finally made my choice. The trick seems to be to call them for advice. I got a lot of help from a very nice lady and all kinds of freebies to help me get started. And each time I’ve bought more bags or whatever, and called for advice, I got more freebies! They have definitely got my loyalty. 😉

        I’ve never tried any other brands, so I can’t give you any help with knowing which is best. FoodSaver has been around for a while, though, so…

        My biggest overbuy was three six-pound Wagyu beef pastraamis. OMG, is that stuff good. Of course, they had to be cut up and vacuum packed because, unless you’re catering a party for a lot of pastrami lovers, no one can use up that much of even the best pastrami before it spoils. I’ve still got lots of packages left. Now, if I can just perfect my pumpernickel bread recipe…

        1. Okay, I’m sold! I’ve been coveting one for so long, I think it’s time to make the purchase. I see a lot of pastrami sandwiches in your future, um, let us know if you have a party- you might find us on your doorstep!

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