Le Creuset Creates a Magical Harry Potter Collection

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. And by that, we mean thinking about presents. Got a Potterhead on your list? No matter who it is, we know they’ll love this line of Harry Potter-inspired cookware from Le Creuset. Because a wizard’s got to eat, right?

Harry Potter Dutch Oven from Le Creuset

If like me, you were captivated by Harry Potter and know exactly which house you’d have been sorted into (ahem…Ravenclaw!), then we’ve got your Christmas list sorted. Le Creuset and Harry Potter have joined forces to produce an utterly charming cookware collection, inspired by the wizarding world. On November 1, 2021, the two iconic names announced that they’d partnered to produce a limited-edition collection of Harry Potter-themed cookware and tableware for those of us that could use a little practical magic in the kitchen.

The line includes two stunning Dutch ovens, both in beautiful shades that are part of the Le Creuset color palette. The gorgeously detailed brass lid handles are another Le Creuset hallmark, and this collection is no exception. The large cerise Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven (above) features Harry’s lightning bolt scar.

A blue Quidditch Dutch oven by Le Creuset

The other, the Quidditch Signature Round Dutch Oven, is a mid-sized Dutch oven in their dreamy Marseille blue that bears a handle shaped like the golden snitch (the third and smallest ball used in quidditch) in spectacular detail. Made of enameled cast iron, this cookware is significantly splashier than Hagrid’s old cauldron, don’t you think?

A black Voldemort Casserole by Le Creuset

For the Lord Voldemort Rectangular Covered Casserole (did you ever think you’d see those words in the same sentence?), a matte-black finish, phoenix feather-core wand handle, and dark mark insignia on the bottom make it seem like the Dark Lord hosts a lot more parties than we’d have thought. Sure, it’s got a definite “dark arts” vibe, but even the world’s most reviled wizard needs to unwind with a boeuf Bourguignon on occasion.

A red Hogwarts' Express tea kettle by Le Creuset

And we know everyone is going to clamor for the gorgeous Hogwarts Express Kettle. Because what’s more quintessentially British than a carbon steel tea kettle named after a steam engine? Not very much, except a big steaming mug of tea or coffee (or butterbeer). An enamel-glazed stoneware Magical Mug Set shows support for the most recognizable businesses in the wizarding world–Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, The Three Broomsticks, Ollivander’s, and Gringott’s–with full-color crests and metallic-foil accents. Each mug contains a message that’s revealed as your beverage is sipped, almost like magic.

A four-piece Harry Potter Magical Mug Set

If you’ve always wanted a wand of your own, one that will increase your prowess in the kitchen, the four-piece Spellcasting Spatula Set might be the way to go. Inspired by the wands used by Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Ron, you can now baste, stir, mix, and fold with these enchanting silicone tools. Just be careful to wipe off the cupcake batter before you start casting spells in the kitchen.

Four silicone Spellcasting Spatulas by Le Creuset

The collection is available for a limited time only and will likely sell out quickly. [Editor’s note: the Hogwart’s House Dessert Plate Set and enamel kettle appear to have already sold out]. Prices range from $35.00 for the Deathly Hallows spoon rest to $400.00 for the Harry Potter Dutch oven. We’ve got our fingers crossed that a few pieces magically appear under the tree this year, ourselves.

Originally published November 1, 2021


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