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David has a long chat with Lucinda Scala Quinn, vice-president and editorial director of food and entertaining at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and, most recently, author of the IACP-nominated Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys. The book is the result of cooking for four men—her husband and three sons, not to mention a house full of brothers while she was growing up. Scala Quinn discusses the male-patterned eating, explains how to keep on top of he-man appetites, describes the power of a well-prepared meal, and tells how to raise kids who love food and who can fend for themselves.

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Vinegar-Glossed Chicken


  1. one more thing – one time my teenage son came home and took a peek in the refrigerator and said, “mom, there is nothing to eat!” I replied, “yes there is, there’s a ton of stuff in there.” He replied, “Mom, I want food, not ingredients!!!”

    I used to get mad at my kids too for screwing my cast iron skillet. Pretty funny.

  2. I love this interview – I teach culinary arts and most of my students are teenage boys – I’ve always said the reason most of the boys take my class is because they want to eat. All the time. I am buying this book and using it in my class. Great.

  3. I need to buy this book. I love Ms. Lucinda on the Everyday Food show. My mother, a self-taught holistic nutritionist, would actually buy cheap processed food—4 for $1 frozen burritos, $0.99 enchiladas meals and pizzas—to feed my brother the “extra” food he needed while we were growing up. Is that child abuse? (Peut-être).

    I have been married for 2 years now and I am in the same boat trying to feed my husband. I can barely finish the first item on my plate before he is ready for seconds—even after waiting on me to start the meal. I end up trying to spread his meals with extra starchy foods—pasta, potatoes, rice—which probably isn’t the best way either. Ok, sometimes, I can fill him up with a lot of lettuce—huge salads.

    This book looks like the answer to my problems.

  4. As someone who was raised as an only child, when I eventually got married, my husband and I had three sons, and I have to say I appreciate this. I would have loved having this book when I first got married twenty one years ago. =)

  5. Loving this interview David. Thank you!! And congratulations, to you for winning the IACP first book award. Well done–


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