Calling all parents, fun-cles, beloved aunts, and giddy grandparents! These unique cooking gifts for kids in your life not only make great gifts, but they also bring loads of smiles and joy into everyday living. Because in our opinion, it’s never too early to get those budding little chefs in the kitchen.

Because you can always use a helping hand in the kitchen

Kids Apron and Chef’s Hat Set.

This colorful kids apron and chef’s hat set includes 5 aprons and 5 chef’s hats that are fit for drawing lessons, baking classes, cooking parties and hand-made classes. We can just see it now. Your little chef will love gearing up to help put those chocolate chip cookies on the parchment-lined baking sheets, and to help roll out that no-fail buttery pie crust.

Kids Apron & Chef’s Hat Set, $19.99 on

Kid-tested. 100% Mom approved

Bento Box Lunch Containers blue and pink.

Kinsho Classic bento lunch boxes keep food fresh on the go. They are the perfect tool for school lunch, snacks, travel, or any “hangry” prevention situation! Each bento box includes 6 leakproof compartments as well as a custom fit spoon and a fork. Adequate space for those apple slices, homemade nut butter, and everyone’s favorite hummus.

Kinsho Bento Box Lunch Containers, $30.99 on Amazon

Let them make a mess in their own kitchen

Hape Playfully Delicious Wooden Play Kitchen with child chef.

Cooking with your children not only teaches them about healthy eating and where their food is coming from, but about time, patience, and the joy of being creative. This Wooden Play Kitchen is a great place to start on the right foot with your little chefs. With its contemporary design and quality wood craftsmanship from sustainably sourced forests, the play kitchen includes clicking knobs, a chalkboard, sink, oven, and more. All of the things your little chef needs to stay busy as a bee in their very own workspace!

Hape Playfully Delicious Cook ‘n Serve Wooden Play Kitchen, $104.09 on

Dinner is served

Melissa Clark's Kid in the Kitchen Cookbook.

We are big believers in nurturing a child’s love for cooking by getting them involved in the kitchen early on! Melissa Clark, the New York Times Food columnist and beloved home cooking authority welcomes the next generation of chefs into the kitchen with 100 inspirational recipes and tips. Dishes like Pesto Pasta with Mozz Topping, Warm Salted Chocolate Chips Cookies, Sheet Pan Beef Skewers, Easy Skillet Chicken Parm, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas just to name a few. Bon appétit.

Kid in the Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Tips for Young Home Cooks, $12.74 on

Unleash your child’s inner Iron Chef

Kids Cooking and Baking Set displayed in case.

Does your little culinary explorer like taking your utensils and pretending to cook? Does your little chef like watching you cook dinner? Is your tiny cook curious about all the baking tools and accessories? If so, surprise your kids with their own all-inclusive cooking and baking kit. The Tovla Jr. 17-Piece Baking & Cooking Kit includes a portable reusable toolbox for storage, 4 recipe cards for kids, stylish unisex apron, measuring cups & measuring spoons, kitchen timer, pair of tongs, rolling pin, 3 nylon knives, spoon, spatula, whisk, 3 cookie cutters and a cutting board.

Kids Cooking and Baking Set, $69.95 on

Keep Track of their Culinary Creations

Little Chef Recipe Book.

Cooking with your kids is a great way for them to build confidence, learn healthy habits, and become adventurous eaters. Track your child’s progress as they learn to create their own culinary creations with these easy (and free!) cooking activities for kids. This post by Kitchen Cabinet Kings includes a printable rewards sheet and Little Chef Recipe Book to encourage creativity as your kids learn the ins and outs of cooking. Soon they’ll have their own treasure trove of recipes they can refer to time and time again!

Downloadable and Printable Kid’s Cooking Activities, Free on

About Anna Scott

Anna Scott has been an LC recipe tester since December 2010. Her love of food was inspired by her father, who taught her that a meal isn’t just the act of eating, but rather an experience that involves all of the senses—the presentation on the plate, the warm smell of the kitchen, the lively conversations at the dinner table, and the texture of the bread that you break. A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, she now works as a personal chef in Atlanta. The focus of both her clients’ meals and her personal cooking endeavors is on seasonal ingredients and on incorporating mise en place into her everyday repertoire.

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  1. Another gift in this vein comes from Vat 19 – the Chew Chew Train. A couple of years ago, I was searching for some birthday presents for a couple of my niblings and I was stopped in my tracks with this.

    There are times when a dad joke sort of name gets you and wins you over. This was one of those times. It is essentially a dinner set shaped like a train, and the different compartments act as different components to a meal. It would help get kids to understand a decent portion size when making a serving.

    Well, it may have backfired on my end since it ended up being a bath toy. Because, of course, it does.

    1. Well if this isn’t the coolest thing ever, I’m not sure what is! Another brilliant idea to get the little ones interested in chow time. (I just had to look it up, and a version of the Chew Chew Train is still available on Amazon even…my nephew might be receiving one of these for his Birthday next month) Thanks for the fun comment, Mikey.