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Quotes Measuring Spoons

I’m a no-nonsense person. I don’t like clutter and can’t stand cute, especially in the kitchen. Although I truly enjoy cooking, I think Peg Bracken could be a kindred spirit. That floral apron? Pass. Patterned paper towels? Mine are always only white. If forced to choose, I’ll take practical over pretty anytime. And yet you’ll find, hidden in a drawer like a scandalous secret, one of my all-time kitchen loves: a set of Quotes Measuring Spoons from Beehive Kitchenware Co.

Yes, they’re heart-shaped. Yes, the company’s product description says they’re “Made with love.” The artists who founded Beehive Kitchenware Co., Sandra Bonazoli and Jim Dowd, are not afraid to be sentimental, even downright corny. They can get away with it, though, because they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, still they turn out seriously well-crafted, beautiful items for kitchen and home.

The Quotes Measuring Spoons first caught my eye while I was shopping for a housewarming present, and they’ve since become my staple gift for such occasions. A set of four standard measuring spoons, they’re hand cast in lead-free pewter and have a surprising, satisfying heft. Yet the measures on the handles add just the right dose of levity: Who couldn’t use “a dash of humor” or “a spoonful of fun” while cooking? What Saint Phanourious cake couldn’t be improved by “a pinch of kindness” or “a heap of happiness”? (Actual increments are engraved on the backs of the spoons, of course.) It took me a while to warm up to the heart shape, but after giving enough away and growing steadily more envious, eventually I decided that if home is where the heart is, these spoons belonged in my kitchen. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll work up to Beehive’s heart-shaped pancake spatula.

Quotes Measuring Spoons are available online at BeehiveKitchenware.com ($48.00). They are also sold at retail boutiques across the country, such as Cursive, in Grand Central Terminal’s Lexington Passage.

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