Recipes from the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Love pumpkin recipes? We don’t mean the dubious results from your mom’s manic marathon cooking sessions that would begin the day after Halloween and skid right into Thanksgiving morning. Or the slap-dash treats you made in elementary school that bore no resemblance to anything remotely gourd-like. No, we mean the simple love of all things pumpkin that’s inextricably woven into that sweet, late-October childhood wish to sit and wait all moony-eyed in a pumpkin patch with Linus and Sally and believe that the Great Pumpkin would arise and be borne aloft.

Well, we remember, too. And like you, we hold that eternally optimistic assumption that pumpkin recipes should be an everyday type of thing, like after-school snacks or The Simpsons reruns. And we love those clunky gourds, airborne or otherwise, with a harder-than-hell-to-slice skin and insides ensnared in a creepy cobweb of seeds and still wonder how all that becomes some of the best pumpkin recipes of the season.

Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

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