What’s for Dinner Tonight?

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  1. Dinners for Sun., May 6, 2012

    National Crepes Suzette Day – These Crepes Suzette are a wonderful way to celebrate a Sunday breakfast. It’s also No Diet Day, so have as many as you please!

    Lunch in the park; it’s a gorgeous day! Probably no dinner, so lunch will suffice… cold meats and cheeses with a couple of bagels and some white wine. I got some cereal squares, drizzled with chocolate for a sweet touch to the end of the meal.

  2. Dinners for Sat., May 5, 2012

    National Chocolate Custard Day – Score a double-up on the chocolate with Duo-Tone Pots de Creme, a great treat for chocolate lovers!

    Spending the day digging wild leeks (ramps), and foraging for whatever other goodies might be out there. Dinner will be ordered – our favourite pizza place will get a call once we get back and cleaned up.

  3. Dinners for Fri., May 4, 2012

    National Candied Orange Peel Day – The title says “citrus”, but the recipe uses oranges, and these little pieces of Chocolate-Dipped Candied Citrus Peel look so good, that they’re bound to liven up the day. Perhaps try them alongside a liqueur glass of Grand Marnier for an extra boost of orange.

    I had to stop by my butcher today to get some lamb and some steaks. Although I prepared it a couple of nights back, I think lamb – a different cut, of course – would be nice again, along with grilled carrots and a Rice Pilaf with Dried Cherries and Pistachios.

  4. Dan… I am going to have a seafood night too. I will finally prepare the roasted branzino with lemon. Also as a starter we are having the rissóis de camarão that I started preparing for the Day of Portugal.

    1. I love those things, Sofia! I also found out that our fishmonger almost always has whole Branzino, but under the title Mediterranean Sea Bass. Is it a strong or mild flavoured fish? Is it bony? Similar to regular bass?

      1. In my mind it is a pretty mild fish and is quite bony. That said it still is a very nice fish to have. By regular bass do you mean sea bass? If so yes, very similar.

  5. Dinners for Thurs., May 3, 2012

    National Raspberry Tart Day – This Raspberry Honey-Cream Tartlet is more than your everyday tart. Definitely worth a look-see!

    Well surprise, surprise! My fishmonger had fresh pickerel in his showcase. So it’s a back-to-back fish nights. I made a dry rub that goes very well with pickerel. It’s got sumac, dehydrated ramp leaves and other goodies in it. Great for any fish, actually. I’ll serve it alongside home fries with onions, all sautéed in bacon fat, and a simple green salad.

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