What’s for Dinner Tonight?

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  1. Dinners for Sun., Apr 29, 2012

    National Shrimp Scampi Day – Yes, the title does say Trenette with Langoustines, but the Italian title is Trenette agli Scampi, so scampi would definitely be perfect in this pasta dish!

    I think I’ll try the Port and Paprika Chicken Bites for dinner tonight, along with a large, stuffed artichoke. I have a rather filling lunch, so dinner will on the light side. Perhaps some pita bread and hummus will round things out without being too filling.

    1. That sounds delicious Dan! Very Mediterranean indeed. I think tonight I am going to make a soy and ginger marinated pork chop with some sautéed bok choy. We have some jalapeno hummus in the fridge so I might copy you on that for an appetizer.

  2. Dinners for Sat., Apr 28, 2012

    National Blueberry Pie Day – I love blueberries. They’re my absolute favourite-est fruit. This Blueberry Crumble Pie is another sweet reminder of the warmer days ahead!

    Jerk pork and beans tonight. Something easy and yet a little different. I’ve still got some bammys in the freezer from our “vacation”, earlier this year.

  3. Tonight’s dinner will be something with sweet potatoes…I have a couple sitting here and they will probably be the last ones I can get til their next season.

    I will most likely make some kind of enchilada casserole, using up my sweet potatoes, my kale, black beans, chiles, peppers and whatever else is lurking in the vegetable bin. clean out the fridge & get ready for house guests

    1. Refrigerator Enchilada Casserole has a nice ring to it, karyn. Every now and then we have to purge. With all that variety, it should turn out great for you!

  4. The light snowflakes outside are making me hanker after homey comfort food again. Tonight I am making James Beard’s meatloaf, Velvet Mashed Potatoes and steamed peas. Perhaps a pear crisp or crumble to complete it. Still cleaning out the fridge and need to use up our pears!

    1. That’s definitely comfort food, Brenda! Almost makes me wish it would snow… well, not really. It is one of my favourite meals, though.

      1. Snowing heavily. Change of plans. Sliced right thumb rather badly on mandoline. No longer cooking today. 🙁

        1. Ouch!! I get the odd appendage assaulted, too. Hopefully it heals quick. Maybe an impromptu dinner out is in order?

  5. Dinners for Fri., Apr 27, 2012

    National Prime Rib Day – Now you all have a way to prepare a prime rib roast, I’m sure. However, this Delmonico Prime-Rib(eye) steak recipe will be a sure-fire winner at the table. Although the recipe calls for six, you only need one per person. Perhaps even one per two folks; 20-ounces is a lot of beef! And if you’re wondering how to cook it, just go to Steak Grilling 101 for tips from an expert.

    Hah! Well imagine that. A bona fide excuse to have a steak night. I just happen to have a 2-inch thick prime rib “steak” ready to grill. I have a simple S&P rub for grilling steaks and other things. A plain baked (or grilled) potato and some green beans will finish the plate.

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