12 Recipes to Get You Through the 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Misplaced your Christmas spirit?

Hey, it happens. If you’re anything like a lot of folks we know (including us), it happens pretty predictably around the second week in December or so, most noticeably during late afternoon or early evening. That’s when harried home cooks tend to mentally tally their Christmas to-do lists, check them twice, and come to the very unmerry conclusion that yet another 24 hours slipped by without accomplishing…enough. What follows—usually in a fit of angst—is the resigned and begrudging decision that there’s no time to make a proper dinner. (By “proper” we mean anything other than Christmas cookies, gingerbread, and, of course, those celebratory croquembouches.) And that’s when the bah humbugness sets in.

If this sounds familiar, we have something for you. Below you’ll find a dozen easy-to-make dinner recipes, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas–or rather, one for each day that stands between you and Christmas. Each of these little sanity savers is a present of sorts, and although none of them are wrapped, they do come with the equivalent of batteries included. Depending on the recipe, this takes the shape of suppers that rely on only pantry ingredients, minimize stovetop juggling, incur little scrub-inducing mess, pass as fancy enough for company, can be construed as stealthily healthful, or, for those who recklessly embrace indulgence, come shamelessly larded with all things fatty and fabulous. Not only will you escape the season with your sanity—or at least your resolve to get into the kitchen—intact, but chances are that having a little home cooking back in your life will make everything else, even the incessant Christmas fa-la-la-ing and Salvation Army bell ringing, all the more pleasurable.—Renee Schettler Rossi

12 Quick and Easy Recipes to Get You Through the 12 Days of Christmas



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