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Super Bowl Menu

Before any of you dudes haul off and clock me, let me just say (and I’m sure your wives, girlfriends, mistresses, sisters, and even mothers would agree) that it’s time to get out of your SBR–otherwise known as Super Bowl Rut. How many sliders and bowls of chips and dip can you down anyway? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

Granted, why should you take Super Bowl advice from a man whose most athletic feat to date has been jumping to a conclusion? I may not know who’s playing this year (the Knicks and Bruins, right?), but I certainly know food. And by girlie-man recipes, I don’t mean tea sandwiches or feathery snacks you have to eat with your little finger perfectly arced. But if some of you bruisers want to eat with your pinkies perfectly arced, who am I to judge?

What I mean is, aim for more refined flavors. Think outside of the box. For example, instead of cheeseboards buckling under their own lactic weight, why not intensely cheese-alicious Cheddar and Parmesan crisps? Why slog through plain ole pizza when you can toss around the Spanish version, with Manchego cheese, chorizo, and poblano peppers? (Although the recipe doesn’t call for it, black Empeltre olives from Aragon aren’t a bad thing, either.) And why reach for those grotty dips in a tin when you can whip up a batch of Green Goddess Dip? Too frou-frou? I thought as much. So add a bit more herbs and call it Badass Green Bay Dip. Problem solved, masculinity intact.

There’s also a fringe benefit to getting your game day grub on, that is if you include some lady friends in the mix: All you guys without wives, girlfriends, and mistresses just might score a date for Valentine’s Day next week. And don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with all those dishes, too.–David Leite


    1. Yum, Sofia. And just “girlie” enough, I think. I might have to add those stuffed potato shells to my menu. I’m also thinking about some Wasabi and Ginger Popcorn. Excellent way to take the little munchies up a notch.

  1. Using Bobby Flay’s hot dog throwdown show as inspiration, this year we will be having a bar of tiny hot dogs (cocktail size) with homemade tiny buns and lots of fun toppings to create a variety of the ones mentioned. We will also have tiny (bite size) parmesan cheese bowls filled with ceasar salad, fluffy light caramel dip with fruit and pretzels, chipotle artichoke dip, shrimp cocktail, tiny cornbread bowls with chili and toppings, LC’s chocolate chip cookies along with a few other kinds (always have to make ‘worlds best cookie’ from the most award winning recipes cook book) served with tall shot glasses of milk, flavored milks and milkshakes. My kids may ask for a few other things, but this is what I have planned so far.

    1. Sounds like you’re having quite the party, Lori! I love the mini dog idea. It sounds considerably less messy than the big ole chilidog with jack cheese melted all over it, although I may still go for one. I want to try the chicken wings from above, too. Or maybe the Bacon Wrapped wings

      1. We are not even really football people, just the ones with the projection tv theater system, so the crowd seems to come here. After seeing the post above I have to make some additions too! The southwest chile cheese fondue looks wonderful and a great addition to the hot dog bar. I also think I have to try the spanish pizza with chorizo and peppers — sounds too good. Don’t think I am brave enough to try any of Hanne’s unique pig skins yet.

  2. David, please pass the Badass Green Bay Dip! This recipe has been a winner around here forever. Readers, I know that somewhere there is a list of at least 100 ways to sneak this dip across any goal line. If I find it, I’ll let you know … In the meantime, there is almost nothing that you can’t dip into it, including that perfectly arced pinky a la Leite above!

  3. My Super Bowl party this year (at which there will be no TV and thus no televised football) is a celebration of some bits of pig less commonly consumed by most Americans. Strips of salty, crispy fried pigs’ ear. Spicy cold Hunan pigs’ ear. Red-braised pigs’ tails. Twice-cooked crunchy pigs’ tails. Thinly-sliced jowl stir-fried with garlic chives, smoked tofu, and chiles. And quite possibly Dongan style vinegar-and-chili pork liver. The tagline for the party invitations was “twice the pigskin, none of the football.”

    1. Lovely and brilliant, Hanne! You’ve inspired quite a lot of pig talk over here. We may borrow a few ideas from your menu for our own pigskin celebrations, and I have a hunch other readers will be doing the same. You know what they say about mimickry…

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