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Paper Hearts

Say “Valentine’s Day” and bam! two traditions immediately pop into my mind. Those tiny candy hearts we all grew up with and the heart-shaped hamburgers my mom used to make to commemorate the day.

My mom—the best mama on planet earth—was not what we’d refer to these days as a crafty or Etsy type of mom. This was, after all, back in the I-am-woman-hear-me-roar ’70s. She worked full-time while raising us four kids. (So did my dad, but that’s another story.) Still, her mothering was impeccable and expansive and she was always there for us, even if she wasn’t, you know, always there for us. I think it’s pretty cool that all these decades later, that juicy little patty of a memory is still intact and still delights. And what a totally simple thing, right?

Because it tends to be the wee small things that become our cherished refrains, I’m gifting to you some brand new (yet still super duper simple) versions of those memorable candy hearts and burgers. These everlasting Handy Candy Hearts (pictured above) are ready for you to just print and hand out. You’ll find specific messages for mates, offspring, and unrequited crushes. And this Home Sweet(heart) Home video spotlights five easy ways to say “I love you!” with food. Prep time for each is about, oh, four seconds.

And here is one more way to proclaim your love. You could literally shout it from the rooftop!

I hope you have a very sweet Valentine’s Day. And please, would you let me know in 20 years if any of these ideas morphed into lingering memories for your family?  :)

amy k.r.

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