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I guess you could say that Melissa Clark and I have been orbiting each other for years. She’s a regular columnist for the New York Times; I’ve been to the New York Times—twice. She’s authored and co-authored a battalion of  30 cookbooks; I have all of her cookbooks. Yes, it’s clear that Melissa and I were destined to eventually meet up for a podcast, considering our intense professional involvement. Not.

That still doesn’t mean I haven’t admired Melissa’s work from afar and from my kitchen. But it did mean I was hesitant to ask her to join me for a podcast. Yet within seconds of Mac Mail’s whooosh notification of sending out the invitation, she replied, “Sure!”

It’s usually not a good idea to meet your idols—because most come with feet made of 100 percent certifiably organic earthly clay. But not Melissa. She bounded into the studio, dropped her coat, (not unlike Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl”), and launched into the whirlwind that was her day. It took everything I had to stop her from not giving away all this great info without being in front of a microphone. For instance, did you know if you cook garlic or onions to the burning point, adding more oil and cooking them low and slow a bit longer will render them sweet? Nether did I.

Listen along while we discuss her latest book, In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite, its 150 recipes, and her lovely accompanying essays—in essence, her “search for deliciousness.” Along the way, Melissa will teach you how to eat today, right now, this very moment. And what’s better than that?

Our Favorite Melissa Clark Recipes

Northern Fried Chicken
Hanger Steak with Onions, Mushrooms, and Potatoes
Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake
Un-Pumpkin Pie
Apple and White Cheddar Scones
Mini-Muffin Financiers
Red Eye Devil’s Food Cake

Have a question for Melissa about In the Kitchen or cooking? Or want to leave her a message? You know what to do below.

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