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Blame it on Facebook. A few weeks ago, I posted this picture to this on my profile page. I was noodling around with the new iPhone app Instagr.am, to which I’m becoming pathologically addicted, and wanted to see if all this brouhaha over one-button photo publishing really worked. (Yes, it does, and, yes, David Lebovitz, Ree Drummond, and Deb Perelman, I’m still in the Dark Ages when it comes to mobile technology.)

These particularly sublime lovelies are gougeres–small cheese puffs, my version filled with prosciutto and herbs. They’re scheduled to appear in the glossy, full-color pages of my next book–a Leite’s Culinaria cookbook–of which I’m only in the proposal-writing stage. ‘Tis true, I’m one of those writers who takes a millennium to put together a book. All I can say is bless the hearts of those writers who can knock out one terrific tome after another.

Now, what I didn’t expect from my expérience sociale was the reaction of readers. Within seconds of posting, I started getting everything from requests for the recipe (can’t give it out just yet, folks) to some serious wrist slapping for not having started the proposal sooner.

And that got me thinking. While I have my idea of what I humbly believe to be a star-studded, headliner-only cross section of recipes, you might have a very different perspective. So I’d like to hear from you: What dishes do you want to have killer, to-die-for versions of–all placed in your hot little hands as soon as the book is published? Slam-dunk shrimp and grits? Never-fail Parmesan-crusted chicken breasts? Or brownies that will once and for all shut up your cantankerous braggart of a mother-in-law? Tell me. This is your chance to write your own cookbook by proxy. Who knows, your suggestions might just be one of more than 150 recipes to grace the pages of our very first (and we hope the first of many) LC cookbook.

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