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Beer Marshmallows

I can’t recall a single time when my dad, who spent years working in construction, ever brought in another so-called professional to handle anything in our house. Leaky pipes, dining room remodels, retiling, the works. If you want something done right, Dad always says, you’ve got to do it yourself.

As an adult, I’ve funneled his self-sufficient ethos mostly into my kitchen endeavors. Pickles, pasta noodles, tomato sauce—why let someone else handle what I can do myself with a modicum of ability? And so, bored with the one-note sweetness of most marshmallows, I recently started experimenting with my own jazzed-up versions of the fluffy s’mores stalwarts. I had some measure of success, most notably with a vanilla-cardamom batch that gave rise to a solid two-week hot chocolate binge. But after my introduction to Truffle Truffle’s chocolate-y pretzel and beer marshmallows, I’m raising a white flag, surrendering all future sugar outings to the professionals.

The focal point of this confectionery wizardry is a springy marshmallow, mocha-hued from its twirl with Rogue’s Chocolate Stout. The sweet has a subtle, ambient beeriness, with just an inkling of toasty, malty stout. Though they had me at “beer-infused marshmallow,” Truffle Truffle gilds this very masculine lily with a mere millimeter of milk chocolate, to supremely delectable effect. The brew makes another appearance in the brittle topping, made from beer and pretzels, though I’m pretty certain you can still drive home, even after being overserved.

It’d be easy to go very, very wrong with such a crazed confluence, even of such hallowed pairings as beer and pretzels, chocolate and marshmallows. Yet the Chicago-based confectioner’s appropriation works wonders with each smashingly well-executed, salty-sweet, crunchy, chewy cube. These marshmallows aren’t exactly dainty in size, making them a treat even the most manly man might deign to tuck into after downing a caveman-size steak on, say, Father’s Day.

I’ll admit, I was initially tempted to try to reverse-engineer one of these guys into a recipe, as others have done, just to see if I could. That was before I experienced its mad genius. I know my dad will understand.

Truffle Truffle’s Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows are available in packs of four ($10) and a far more respectable 12 ($30), exclusively from its website.



  1. Um, this was your featured story in your daily newsletter. Today is Aug. 16,2021, and it’s still here, even though the company has been o-o-b for at LEAST 7 yrs?? Someone’s not up on their game! 🤪 LOL You got me all excited to buy these, but to no avail. 😞.

  2. Just curious if anyone knows what happened to Truffle Truffle? This page was linked to the Soft Pretzels recipe page (which we are currently making!). We wanted to check out these beer and pretzel marshmallows, but the Truffle and Truffle website isn’t working and nothing’s been posted to their Facebook since ~ June 2013.

    1. Sara, I don’t know. I tried tracking things down, but I got nowhere. Their Twitter feed hasn’t been updated since June of last year. So…my guess is they went out of business. I’ll remove this page if that happens to be the case. Sorry.

  3. I adore the salty/sweet combo too. We just ate a whole bar of the new Ghiradelli Almond and Sea Salt dark chocolate – in their Intense Dark line of chocolate bars. I’ve made chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt and brownies with caramel and sea salt. I made my hubby a chocolate cream pie for his birthday with a pretzel crust. Love that combination so much. These marshmallows sound unbelievable. I have to find them. 

    1. RisaG, salty sweet is a great combo, isn’t it? I haven’t had Ghiradelli’s Almond and Sea Salt dark chocolate, but The One and I had the most delicious dark chocolate with sea salt crystals that we bought years ago at Yeliseyevsky’s on the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. I remember him saying, “I think this will catch on….” It did!

      1. I too find beer too bitter for my palate. It also does not help that I am Asian and sadly cannot process alcohol.

        David, if you find a Belgian beer that you love, report back and let me know. I’d love to try it (Asian genes be damned!).

        1. Irvin, yes, bitter, bitter, bitter. Really, though?Being Asian interferes with alcohol processing? Who knew? Will shoot you a missive the moment I find a Belgian that I like.

      2. But some are less bitter than others, my dear boss. We should sit and sip some Belgians together sometime.

        1. It’s a date. We should go to the Amsterdam Ale House. Then I can report back here because I can’t be the only person who finds beer bitter, am I?

      3. But there are so many, David.  You just haven’t found the right one yet.  Never give up! 

  4. I am going to make these! I always would eat a TWIX bar with my beer in my bar hopping days and it seems to be some what of a parallel. Well, let’s call it evolution.

    1. Yes, we all must move up the culinary evolution ladder. Let us know if they’re a more adult version of your barhopping combo.

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