Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Cut yellow roasted cherry tomatoes on a sheet of parchment paper.

I make these roasted cherry tomatoes constantly when cherry tomatoes are in season. The tiny globes collapse and caramelize, while their flavor concentrates tenfold. I keep them in glass canning jars in the refrigerator, to add little explosions of flavor to any dish that needs them.

When selecting cherry tomatoes, look for baskets of various colored tomatoes—red, orange, and yellow. I love the combination of colors, but using all same color is just fine, too.–Heidi Swanson

LC Sweet, Sweet Summer Note

If you need any reassurance as to just how swell these roasted cherry tomatoes capture the sweetness of summer, look no further than the two dozen or so comments from our recipe testers below. Enough said.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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To make the roasted cherry tomatoes, preheat the oven to 350°F (176°C). Adjust the oven rack to the top third of the oven.

Slice the tomatoes in half and place them on a rimmed baking sheet.

In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, sugar or maple syrup, and a scant 1/2 teaspoon salt. Pour the mixture over the tomatoes and gently toss until well coated. Arrange the tomatoes in a single layer, cut-side up, and roast, without stirring, until the tomatoes shrink a bit and start to caramelize around the edges, 45 to 60 minutes.

Nibble the roasted cherry tomatoes straight off the baking sheet. Or, if you aren’t using them immediately, let them cool and then scrape them into a clean glass jar along with any olive oil that was left in the baking dish or sheet. Sometimes I top off the jar with an added splash of olive oil. The tomatoes will keep for about 1 week in the refrigerator.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

I’ve made roasted cherry tomatoes for years, often on a weekly basis. I eat them as a side dish to a nice steak or chicken breast, or just over rice with a poached egg and some spinach. This is a staple of my diet. Heidi’s approach isn’t super revolutionary, but I really did like the addition of the maple syrup. It pumped up the volume on the sweetness that comes out when you roast tomatoes. I will definitely be using this technique again.

This roasted cherry tomatoes recipe was very straightforward recipe and the execution was simple. The flavor, even from hothouse tomatoes, was filled with the sweetness of summer-ripened tomatoes.


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  1. These roasted cherry tomatoes were easy to make, the prep time short, and the results can be used in two different ways. Hot or cold. The recipe also stated that sugar or maple syrup could be used so I did it both ways. My personal preference was for the maple syrup. I felt with using sugar the tomatoes were missing something and I could also taste the salt. This didn’t happen when I used the maple syrup. Also, when I put them in jars to eat cold on another day, the maple syrup variety kept their taste better. The only thing I would say is for my personal taste there was a bit too much olive oil when eating the tomatoes hot, but then again if putting the tomatoes into jars to keep then that oil is needed. I would put these in jars and give them as a gift quite happily.

  2. This roasted cherry tomatoes recipe was perfect from start to finish. It was super easy to prepare and made my kitchen smell wonderful! I was a little worried about the cooking time. I thought 45 to 60 minutes would have made the cherry tomatoes burn. Not at all! They caramelized perfectly and were a great side dish. The only thing I might change the next time I make them is to cut back a bit on the olive oil. There was quite a bit left on the pan once the roasted cherry tomatoes were removed.

  3. I am thrilled to have found this recipe! I have made them several times in the past month. I am not a big tomato fan, so who knew tomatoes could tasted this delicious! Thank you so much for this post!

      1. I just put them in a jar with a little olive oil and we ate them as a side dish for several meals. They taste like candy!

  4. Made these tonight and couldn’t stop eating them. I don’t even like tomatoes that much, but these were incredible 🙂

    1. Hey Jennifer, glad you enjoyed these! I love to roast the tomatoes and then serve them with the petit mozzarella balls and a spritz of balsamic vinegar, makes for a quick bite on a warm summer eve.

  5. Damn! Another one of my ‘secrets’ exposed for all to see. I’ve been using these guys in summer pasta dishes with a slug of soft mozzarella, cream or sour cream and a touch of pesto & Parmesian. Also I’d been using honey or in a pinch just sugar to sweeten. Maple syrup sounds like a great idea. thanks

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