Watermelon with Fleur de Sel

This watermelon with fleur de sel is the easiest summer dessert we’ve ever made. Simply sprinkle watermelon slices with coarse salt and devour.

Three slices of watermelon with fleur de sel sprinkled over top.

The simplest and best dessert I know.

Extremely versatile, salt can balance flavor, tone down acidity, and highlight sweetness, especially that of the porous ruby fruit of watermelons. I use coarse sea salt, which contains essential minerals and has a gentle flavor, unlike refined table salt, which is bitter and almost completely lacking in minerals.–Peter Berley

LC Salty Sweet Surprise Note

As much as we find ourselves swooning over a wedge of watermelon and nothing else save for a stream of sticky juice dribbling down our chins, we’re also proponents of watermelon plus one. As in, watermelon plus a squeeze of lime. Watermelon plus a potent rub of ginger. Watermelon plus vodka, whether a shot taken as a chaser or a bottle harnessed as a sousing, er, dousing agent for the entire oblong melon. And watermelon plus a sprinkling of coarse, crunchy fleur de sel. This last one may be the simplest, most scintillating plus one we’ve tried, enhancing yet not obscuring the watery fruit’s inherent sweetness. A salty sweet surprise. Hello, summer.

Watermelon with Fleur de Sel

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Slice a portion of the watermelon, rind and all, into 4 slices or wedges. Set the rest of it aside. (You’ll probably be back for more in a second.)

Sprinkle each wedge with a scant pinch of the fleur de sel.

Serve immediately. Go back for seconds.

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    Recipe Testers Reviews

    I’m perhaps not the most impartial person to ask, as I swoon over watermelon plain as well as in tandem with each of the aforementioned “plus ones.” Still, my favorite accompaniment to watermelon has long been napkins—lots and lots of napkins. But the sweet saltiness of fleur de sel sprinkled on top really knocked my flip-flops off. This approach couldn’t be easier, yet has its own sort of elegance about it. And it’s really something to see the expression on other peoples’ faces when you set out a platter of this simple yet stunning summeriness. It’s a casual yet sorta sophisticated take on a summer classic. Well, as sophisticated as drippy, juicy watermelon can aspire to be.

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