Vote for Your Favorite Caption Contest Finalist: Baguette Boys

Baguette Boys

This post was originally published on January 28, 2013


Yes, you.

Don’t get us wrong. We like that sassy, snarky, sometimes even slightly snide sense of humor about you. A lot. So much, in fact, that we’re giving you the chance to strut your stuff in our first-ever Leite’s Culinaria caption contest.

Here’s how it works

Share with us your inimitable, incorrigible, irreverent way of seeing the world in a proposed caption for the photo above. Just type your caption, accompanied by your first and last name, in the comment box at the bottom of this page sometime before 11:59 p.m. ET on next Monday, February 4, 2013. Then check back with us the following day—that’s Tuesday, February 5—when we announce the three finalists, chosen by yours truly, the editors of Leite’s Culinaria. And here comes the best part—wait for it!—your chance to vote. That’s right, we’re relying on you to let us know which caption literally has you LOL, ROTFL, SOL (Snorting Out Loud), or GOL (Guffawing Out Loud). Come back as often as you like, whether to check out the competition or just to get a chuckle, but vote for one of the finalists only once. The winning caption will be announced on Monday, February 11, 2013 and will earn its creator not only the respect of all of us at Leite’s, but also a $100 American Express Gift Card.

Good luck, wisenheimers.

Read the contest’s full rules and restrictions.

And The Winner Is…

It was a tough decision, but we have to hand it—and by “it” we mean a $100 American Express Gift Card—to Charles Pearl for his witty caption: “Okay Sam gave up his pants for the bread, now who is going to get the cheese?” Congratulations, Charles, and many thanks to all.

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  1. Just voted! I’ve been swamped, but have been meaning to tell you all how fabulous the caption contest is. I love it when those brilliant ideas behind the LC curtain become reality. Kudos, team. The much-needed chuckle (ok, guffaw) in the middle of the day is but one thing I will always love about you.

  2. =========== Folks, the entering of captions is over. And now comes the fun part: voting! So cast your vote for your favorite. ============

  3. I said we were breaking bad today, Paulie. Not bread. Bad. We didn’t trigger the fire alarm at school so we could spend the day communing over a tasty sourdough loaf.

  4. I gotta wonder about you sometimes, Paolo. You may fold under questioning. I’m not mad, I’m proud of you. You learned two great things in your life. Look at me, never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut…capisce?

  5. The gang over on Bleecker has invited us to break bread with them. This could be a new beginning for us, boys – a chance for peace in the neighborhood, an opportunity to play ball on a real field, access to Sergio’s Soda Fountain. We do not want to blow this. We’ve got Bobby’s mom’s bread, which everyone knows is the best. Let’s do this.

  6. ” Listen up pee-wees. Someone swiped my baguette. You see anything, you come straight to me. Got it? Good.”

  7. The meeting of the We Want Sneakers Club has come to order. Thank you Joey for bringing the “snack” for the meeting.

  8. If we can get a few bucks for the bread then Joey here can give his sister’s shoes back and get his own pair.

  9. Surely you can now understand why the Dijon is pivotal, Auguste. If we have no Dijon, then we have no sandwich. If we have no sandwich, then all we share is the bitter lunchtime experience of incompleteness and unfulfilled comestibles spread upon Luc’s stale baguette, quoi?

  10. um, so now you’re interested in joining our gang – does this have anything to do with Jimmy’s bread connections? I think it might…

    1. Karen, I think the bread weighs more than he does! LOL You got my vote. :)

  11. “Say… Ralphie, are you tryin’ to welch on your bet?! Geno’s Bakery is short one loaf!”

    1. Elisabeth way to bring us back to a simpier time when welching on a bet or being double-dog-dared was a big thing.

  12. And Jimmy here is going to get us some high-class getaway car – I told him to get us some Rolls

  13. We’re gonna call ourselves the Bread Street Boys. We’re gonna have choreography and everything. It’s gonna be Epic!

  14. Tres Bien! Valjean here has done his part. You find the wine, you find the cheese, I’ll round up the desmoiselles and we’ll meet at the playgound in an hour!

  15. “How we gonna get this damn bread in the house, it’s longer than the door is wide?”

  16. No, no, we can’t play stick ball with it! I say we slice it, put a little pesto on it, cheese, pop it in the oven and we have a great afternoon snack.

  17. We’ll hide behind the wall, tie a string to one end of the bread, and when somebody tries to pick it up, we’ll pull on the string and drag it away! Voila!

  18. “OK…… two hold him down……. you beat him with the baguette and I’ll get his pants.”

  19. OK – we’re moving to Philly and inventing something called the hoagie. Oh, OK, maybe cheesesteak sounds better.

  20. Papa just paid his taxes to Monsieur Hollande and all he got back was a this day old baguette!

  21. OK we’ve got the bread so we’re in at Frankie’s house for dinner tonight, Joey’s tomorrow, Gene’s on Wednesday and Jon’s for Thursday. Whadda we gonna do on Friday?

  22. You two go to the front door . keep knocking…..George & me wil lgo to the back. I’ll open the door.get the pot of Lamb Stew, George & me will meet you round the corner with the baguette, for lunch in our den………. see you…………

  23. c’mon guys, see how easy it was to swipe that bread? Now let’s go back and get the chocolate cake!

  24. Listen guys, who cares that it’s burnt at both ends. You know we can charge more for that. The flavour is in the crispy bits! Should fetch us at least a quarter more per loaf!

  25. Okay Sam gave up his pants for the bread, now who is going to get the cheese?

  26. “Well, yeah, they took his pants, but at least he got away with a nice crusty loaf. Fuhgeddaboudit!”

  27. Don’t you remember the story of the Little Red Hen? I only did the work though I asked you two, Marco and Anthony to help, but you wouldn’t. Now I have to feed my little brothers like Paulo here with the bread I made. Sorry, but maybe next time you’ll remember the story of the Little Red Hen.

  28. Valjean knows it was wrong to steal the bread. All he has to do is say he’s sorry and everything will be fine.

  29. Guys, can you believe it? He said he would pay is with a lot of dough…but THIS is what they gave me!! Who wants the heel?

  30. Okay, okay, we get it! No girls allowed. Now tell me you remembered the prosciutto!

  31. Let’s not go to Angelo’s mothers with the bread. She doesn’t know the first thing about making a decent bruschetta!

  32. “OK Frankie…you lure Mrs. Deen out with that jar of mayonnaise and then Paulie here will sneak up behind her and club her with the baguette. Don’t worry…it’s as hard as a brick…Rachael Ray made it.”

  33. Wanna wear long pants like me? Well get out there, man up, and find some vino to go with that bread!

  34. One of y’all need to school Francis here. It’s not walk softly and carry a big loaf of bread…

  35. Okay, We have the loaf of bread. You get a jug of your grandfathers wine and I’lll get the girls.

  36. You were to bring the cheese…and you were to bring the meat… mayo from you and I have the sodas… At least Fred brought the bread like he promised!

  37. “Francois you must be the Thief because I’m the Richman, Pierre is the Poorman, and clearly Marcel is the Baker”.

    1. The joke is on me! I have always said “baker man” instead of “beggar man” as part of the
      childrens rhyme, lol. I stand corrected.

  38. Okay Joey you get the salami, Sammi go get some provolone, Timmy you have the ham and then we meet back here

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