Caption Contest: Slow Dancing in the Kitchen

Dancing CoupleHumor, like romance, sometimes comes in quieter moments. Shared moments. Ordinary moments. Moments spent in the arms of the object of your affection. Moments when the rest of the world recedes and all you can feel is how wobbly your knees. Moments in which sweet, sassy, silly, sometimes-dangerously-close-to-smutty things get murmured in someone’s ear. We’re suckers for those moments. And we suspect you are, too. That’s why, for this week’s caption contest, we ask you to indulge both your humorous and your romantic sides. Don’t be shy. Rest assured, whatever you say can’t be more awkward than anything that comes out of Louis C.K.‘s mouth, so what’ve you got to lose?

Here’s how it works

It’s pretty simple. Just share with us your inimitable way of seeing the world by typing your proposed caption for the photo above, along with your first and last names, in the comment box below, sometime before noon ET next Monday, February 18, 2013. Then check back with us the following day—that’s Tuesday, February 19—when we’ll announce the three finalists, chosen by yours truly, the editors of Leite’s Culinaria. Then comes your chance to vote. The winning caption will be announced on Monday, February 25, 2013, and will earn a certain someone a $100 American Express Gift Card—and bragging rights.

Read the contest’s full rules and restrictions.

And The Winner Is…

My, what a cheekily romantic–and slightly naughty–lot you are! As with our first caption contest, there were options galore. But the caption that stole everyone’s hearts (or maybe just incited your hunger) is “I love it when you smell like bacon…” from Kimberley K. Don’t forget to tango while the skillet warms….

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