About Carol Penn-Romine

Carol Penn-Romine is a food writer whose work has appeared in Best Food Writing 2013, Gastronomica, Cornbread Nation IV: The Best of Southern Food Writing and several magazines within the Edible Communities family. When last you encountered her, she smelled of freshly-caught fish. You can see what else she’s up to at www.hungrypassport.com.

Little Girl Fishing

My Fishing Trophy

Girls like to fish, too, you know. Sometimes they even win fishing contests and shame the menfolk in their families. Just sayin’.

Coke and Peanuts

Coke and Peanuts

Carol Penn-Romine takes us back to her childhood and a secular southern sacrament that’s still solemnly revered.

Caroline Kennedy

I Hated Caroline Kennedy

Carol Penn-Romine long considered the first daughter her nemesis. The reason has everything to do with overcooked okra and a distaste for turnips.