Grant Achatz

Podcast: Grant Achatz

David talks with chef, author, and James Beard award winner Grant Achatz about his book, his restaurant Alinea, and cooking restaurant food at home.


The Zing Starts Here

Ah, pucker-worthy cranberries, the often maligned stepchild of the Thanksgiving table, get their due here, adding a sweet-tart flavor to autumn menus.

Pool and Dining at Bartolotta, Las Vegas

Getting a Life: Las Vegas Plus Meat, Meat, Meat

A few weeks ago, The One and I headed out to Vegas, Baby, for several days of fun, which is odd because I don’t gamble, don’t like crowds, and generally avoid anything remotely resembling sunshine. But the lure of stories of great meals kept tempting me like that crooked steam finger rising from a pie […]

Getting a Life: Tupper Lake

After finishing his book, David did three formerly forbidden activities lest he miss his deadline: cook (non-Portuguese) meals, travel, and socialize.

McDonalds Ripoff

Boycott McDonald’s, I Say

There are lots of reasons to boycott McDonald’s–from its food and work practices to ethics and bad commercials. But trafficking in counterfeit money?

Bacalhau à Brás

A classic recipe in Portugal, this dish features softly scrambled eggs filled with fried potatoes and shards of salt cod. On top: olives and parsley.

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