About Rick Casner

Rick Casner is an architect and part-time ski instructor, or a ski instructor and part-time architect, depending on how and when you ask. He divides his time roughly evenly between Tacoma, Washington, and Stowe, Vermont, according to whim, work, and snow conditions. During his long drives back and forth across the country he thinks about stuff. He also writes a little.

Sippy Cups

A Manly Man’s Sippy Cup

We’ve all experienced moments of brilliance in which the stars align and the angels sing and we see the everyday anew. Rick Casner shares his most recent revelation.

Father cooking for his sons

Cooking for my Sons

Single dad Rick Casner learned to use dinnertime not just as an excuse to grow closer to his sons, but to grow up himself.



“I love toast,” exclaims writer Rick Casner. And he loves his toast in A Very Particular Way: toasted, butter, and toasted again. What is your way?