Sweet Potato Breakfast Bread Recipe

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bread

This breakfast bread uses sweet potato pulp, spelt, honey, cinnamon, and yogurt for a healthy, flavorful bread packed with vitamins and minerals.

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Rosemary Corn Scones Recipe

Rosemary Corn Scones

For brunch these corn scones are brown sugar sweet with a savory aroma of rosemary. Brush with melted butter and turbinado sugar for deep golden color.

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Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

Hot Chocolate Puddings

These just-the-right-size cakes have a crisp, brownie-like surface, a moist, pudding-like center, and, lurking beneath, a blissful pool of fudge sauce.

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Yankee Bacon and Onion Scones Recipe

Yankee Bacon and Onion Scones

Filled with bacon and onion, these savory New England scones are usually served with soups, stews, and roasted meats, but they make a great breakfast too.

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Deep-Dish Brioche French Toast Recipe

Deep-Dish Brioche French Toast

French toast becomes even more indulgent by layering brioche in a deep dish and adding cream cheese, pecan, raisins, and plenty of spices.

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Rustic Apple Tarts

Rustic Apple Tarts

Thin slices of Golden Delicious apples are spiraled in a buttery, free-form tart for a quick and easy dessert for family and friends.

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Walnut Crescents Recipe

Walnut Crescents

Make these powdery, nutty cookies to eat with coffee, making sure the table is loaded down with luscious red grapes and whatnot before you end the meal.

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