Indonesia Spice Cake Recipe

Indonesia Spice Cake

This butter-rich spice cake, flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves and known as spekkuk is an inheritance from Holland’s colonization of Indonesia.

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Pear and Vanilla Cake with Custard Recipe

Pear and Vanilla Cake with Custard

This vanilla cake is brightened with lemon zest and topped with a fine wreath of caramelized pears. Warm vanilla custard is poured over each wedge.

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Snowflake Cake Recipe

Snowflake Cake

Swaddled in drifts of silken buttercream and strewn with white chocolate stars, this layer cake just sorta screams white Christmas.

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  • 40 M
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Coconut and Lime Macadamia Cake Recipe

Coconut and Lime Macadamia Cake

A simple yet elegant cake that is packed with lime and coconut, studded with macadamia nuts, and drizzled with a lime icing.

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Chocolate Cherry Shortcakes Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Shortcakes

These naughty chocolate biscuits are dripping with sweet cherry goodness–a take on cherries jubilee. Vanilla ice cream completes the dessert.

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  • 3 H, 30 M
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Chocolate Bliss Layer Cake Recipe

A Blissful Chocolate Layer Cake

This layer cake maximizes the flavor of chocolate. Its buttery flavor and serious moistness makes the cake so delicious. The satiny chocolate frosting helps.

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Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

Hot Chocolate Puddings

These just-the-right-size cakes have a crisp, brownie-like surface, a moist, pudding-like center, and, lurking beneath, a blissful pool of fudge sauce.

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