A platter of Brazilian beef kibbe with a cup of yogurt mint dressing in the center and cups of pine nuts and peppercorns, and a head of garlic on the side.

Brazilian Beef Kibbe

Similar to Middle Eastern kibbeh, these beef-and-bulgur croquettes are seasoned with oregano and mint and served with a tangy yogurt-mint sauce.

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A bowl of trinchado, or chunks of spicy South African braised beef, served with french fries and Portuguese rolls--papos secos

Trinchado ~ Spicy South African Beef

If you’ve been to South Africa, chances are you’ve been craving this dish. Rest assured, it is possible to recapture the loveliness you experienced abroad back home in your own kitchen.

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A square bowl of deep-fried pastel com diabo dentro--or pastry with the devil inside--on a yellow-checked tablecloth

Pastel com Diabo Dentro

Tuna is marinated in peppers, garlic, and vinegar, sauteed with onions, and then tucked into pastry and fried. Oh yeah.

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